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2799243 - You are Trying to Filter Customer Demand Line Items With Confirmed Execution Start Date Before or on a Certain Date.


You apply a filter to identify the goods that are ready to dispatch in the Customer Demand Advanced Filter view. You only want to see line items that are available for delivery (Confirmed Stock) on a particular date and maintain all parameters accordingly. But the system displays also line items with a confirmed date in the future.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Navigate to the Outbound Logistics Control work center.
  2. Go to the Customer Demand view.
  3. Show All Orders By Selection.
  4. Select the Advanced filter.
  5. Maintain the Availability Status field: Equals To: Confirmed insufficiently; Equals To: Confirmed Sufficiently; Equals To: Confirmation Pending.
  6. Maintain the Release Status field: Equals To: Partially Released; Equals To: Not Released.
  7. Maintain the Delivery Status field: Equals To: In Process; Equals To: Not started.
  8. Maintain the Delivery Block Status field: 1 - Not Blocked (To show this field, you may need to personalize it).
  9. Maintain the Cancellation Status: Not Canceled.
  10. Maintain the Date Type: Confirmed Execution Start Date.
  11. Restrict the Date: Less Than or Equals To dd/mm/yyyy (dd/mm/yyyy represents the required key date).
  12. Execute the Query
  13. Instead of showing only line items with Confirmed Execution Start Date before and on the date dd/mm/yyyy, the system displays also Demand Schedule Lines with confirmed Execution Start Date beyond the dd/mm/yyyy.


The system behavior is correct. When the Confirmed Execution Start Date is used on the Customer Demand Object Work List (OWL), it also considers confirmation schedule lines for which a fulfillment has already been posted. In case a schedule line has been fulfilled, the corresponding confirmation schedule line may have an Execution Start Date before the Key Date dd/mm/yyyy).

Hence the OWL behavior is correct. It is meant to query items and schedule lines based on the confirmed date – irrespective of whether the schedule lines have been fulfilled or not.


In case you wish to check these dates to release the items for execution, you may use the Delivery Due List OWL. This OWL only considers schedule lines that haven’t been fulfilled. If you execute this OWL query for the same Document ID, Date Type and Date, you will not see the schedule lines that have a confirmation date beyond the key date of dd/mm/yyyy.


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