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2802595 - Production System Request Scenarios


You would like to request a new Production system, but you are unsure of your options.


  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Service Control Center work center.
  2. Select the Systems view.
  3. Select Request Creation.
  4. You have different options for tenant request scenario.


For production system requests, only the below scenarios are available. This is because production systems cannot be requested with full master data copy.

1. Initial Production Tenant / Empty Production System

Data Source: Initial System        

This is relevant for initial implementation. This can be used after go-live but no merge back capability.

In this case, no solution profile nor data are copied from Source system (Test system) to the Target system (Production system).

  • Business Configuration settings: No.
  • Level 0 data: No.
  • Flexibility data: No.
  • Transactional data: No.
  • PDI Solutions created in the test tenant must be uploaded again in the Production Tenant.


2. Production Tenant with Solution Profile Copy from Test Tenant

Data Source: Initial System (Copy Solution Profile)

In this case, data is copied from the Source system (Test Tenant) to the Target system (Production Tenant). No merge back capability.

  • Business Configuration settings: Yes.
  • Level 0 data: Yes.
  • Flexibility data: Yes.
  • Transactional data: No .
  • PDI solutions created in the Test Tenant must be uploaded again in the Production Tenant and scoped in Business Configuration. They are not copied automatically.


When a solution profile is copied to a new production tenant, the following additional activities automatically occur:

  • Extension fields and screen layout adaptations made via key user tools are copied as long as there are no extension fields and/or screen layout adaptations already made in the new production tenant
  • Form adaptations are copied
  • In Business ByDesign tenant, the Level 0 data, master data is copied to a staging area where the user can choose to import the pre-populated data migration templates or ignore them.  
  • In Cloud for Customer tenant, the data are not copied to a staging area, but are directly imported to the target (production) tenant.

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SAP Business ByDesign all versions ; SAP Cloud for Customer core applications all versions