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2804051 - Continuous Performance Management Data Not Saved


After entering data (updates or capturing meetings) on the Continuous Performance Management page, you note the changes were not saved.


SAP SuccessFactors Continuous Performance Management


The prevention of accidental timeouts with the Successfactors application is very simple.  Save Often!  Simply saving your work every few minutes, and before walking away from your computer will prevent any loss of data.  Limit your work on SuccessFactors to one browser window/tab, in case inactivity on one tab times out the other tab.

"Web Page Expired" Error:

  • Users should not use the back button within the SuccessFactors Application, especially from within forms they have not saved, as trying to navigate to a previous page will result in data loss and the user seeing a "web page expired" message.
  • The SuccessFactors Application is a dynamic web tool that operates very differently than a basic website.  Content delivered to your web browser is dynamic, meaning it displays live data directly from the database based on the link or tab you click.
  • Once you navigate away from this page, you cannot merely use your back button to return, as vital information that triggered the initial data to be displayed is not cached and no longer exists.
  • A web browser cannot cache Web pages of a web application because the pages have to reflect the current state of the server application. In essence, the link you clicked contained or triggered specific information to cause the page to display, the back button on your browser does not.
  • Users should use tabs and buttons within the SuccessFactors page only for navigation, and not buttons native to the browser

Multiple Browser Sessions:

  • You should not open SuccessFactors in multiple browser windows as inactivity in other browser sessions could result in data loss if that browser session times-out, which then can log you out in other windows.
  • To avoid this do not have the SuccessFactors Application open in multiple windows/tabs.

Network Connectivity issues:

  • As the SuccessFactors Application is a secure application, it validates the users session on each server interaction (such as clicking any button or link).
  • If the users browsers session information is invalid, or there is some unexpected network connectivity issue, then our system will detect that the session is now invalid, and for security reasons will redirect the user to the login page.
  • It will not save information as again, the system detects the users session as invalid preventing a successful save.
  • Please work with your IT department if users regularly see this type of behavior. Your IT may want to review browser settings, or possible 3rd party security plugins you might have that might be interferring with maintaining valid browser sessions for these users.


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