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2805104 - User Connector - SF Error - "File ended unexpectedly while reading a quoted cell....."


When running the User Connector - SF the following error was generated -

Exception occurred while running connector - SFUserConnector
com.plateausystems.connector.api.ConnectorException: Error while reading content of file :[Customer File Name] File ended unexpectedly while reading a quoted cell starting on line: [Line Number]

Caused by: File ended unexpectedly while reading a quoted cell starting on line: [Line Number] context: Line: [Line Number] Column: 0 Raw line:

offending processor: null


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This error was generated because there was unexpected quotation marks in the files data that shouldn't be there. The line indicated in the error message that was generated is where you will find the unexpected quotation marks.


By default the Employee Export job which creates the input file for the SF User Connector is a comma delimited file which has quotation marks around each data value. For example "UserID","First Name",etc.

Using the Employee Export job:

  1. Navigate to the User Connector - SF
  2. Choose the "Show archived input files"
  3. Download the zip file and open up the text file which has the user data
  4. Search for the extra quotation (") symbol
  5. Go to the source data in BizX and modify the record to not use a " symbol any longer
  6. The connector should finish with no errors after correcting the data.

Using another tool to create the User Connector - SF input file such as Integration Center:

Note: It is best to not make this change if you are already live and should consult with a Partner or SAP Professional Services to assist in making this change to both your Integration Center job along with the Connector configuration. This change will impact all other Connectors and other standard Provisioning jobs such as the Competency Export which feeds into the Competency Connector might not work.

  1. If wanting to change the Connector logic to not use quotation symbols as the escape character proceed to Learning Administration
  2. Go to System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration
  3. Edit the CONNECTOR file
  4. Change the setting 'connector.input.file.escapeChar' to another value


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