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2808704 - Geo Data not Updated After Import via Data Workbench


You have successfully updated the geo data (Latitude, Longitude) for some accounts via Data Workbench, but the changes are not visible when you review the account.

  • When you click on the tab Changes, you can see that the geo data has been updated. But the fields Latitude and Longitude are nevertheless not populated when you click on the tab Overview.
  • When you export the Account Address with the filter Account ID from Data Workbench, you notice that there are two entries for the same account.
  • You are unable to use the feature Search Nearby.


SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Data Workbench work center
  2. Select Monitor tab and select All Tasks
  3. Task name has been inserted successfully
  4. Go to Customers work center
  5. Select Account
  6. Search for an account and open it
  7. Note: Latitude and Longitude are not populated
  8. Go back to Data Workbench work center and click on the tab Export
  9. Search for the Account Address
  10. Filter for Account ID
  11. Click on Next
  12. Note: Number of records is 2
  13. Click on Export Data
  14. Go to the tab Monitor to download the export
  15. For first entry, address is set to FALSE. second entry, address is set to TRUE.


The Account Address has been created before with a different external key. When updating the address with the Upsert Mode, a deviating external key was used. If a deviating key is used, then a new entry for the Account Address will be created.


When using Upsert mode to update the data, you need to make sure that the external keys are the same as used during the original insert of the Account Address. You need to export the Account Address from the Export view to get the original external key.

It is recommended to update the Longitude and Latitude with the Update mode.

See Also

If you need to know how to update the geo data manually, please refer to the following KBA:

2567281 - How To: Latitude And Longitude Notation


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