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2809206 - How To Work With Down Payments in Sales


  • Down Payments are Invoices generated for Sales Processes, before the actual Invoicing Process for respective Sales activity is started.
  • This Knowledge Base Article will explain the functionality of Down Payment Requests in SAP Business ByDesign.
  • Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental


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There are two options to create Down Payment Requests in Business ByDesign:

  1. Down Payments can be created for specific sales documents, including Sales Orders, Service Orders and Contracts. In our example, we will use Sales Orders.

    1. You can navigate to the Sales Orders OWL (Object Work List), select the respective Sales Order and click on the Create Down Payment button.

    2. You can enter an external Reference Number, the amount of the Down Payment and the relevant tax details. Note that some countries restrict the taxation selection.

    3. Once you click on OK, a Down Payment Invoice Request will be created and can be opened in the Invoice Request view in the Customer Invoicing workcenter.

    4. Note that Down Payment Invoice Request data is determined based on the logged in User.

    5. The Down Payment will be fully assigned to the Sales Document, from which it was created:

    6. You can adjust Pricing Details, Organizational Assignment, Taxation Details and External References and then Release the Down Payment Invoice Request.

    7. You create a Down Payment Request, which you can find in the Invoice Document view.

    8. The created Down Payment Request will be fully assigned to the sales document, from which it was created.

    9. While the Down Payment is created, you cannot yet assign it to Invoices from related sales document. You need to first clear the payment for the Down Payment Request.

    10. Clear the Down Payment Request.

    11. Process the sales document, until you can invoice it.

    12. When you invoice the sales document, the Down Payment will be assigned automatically:Invoice_assignment.JPG

    13. If you want to prevent the assignment, you can deactivate the Assignment for the Down Payment Request before creating the Invoice.

    14. Navigate to the Invoice Document View and find your Down Payment Request and click the button No Invoice Assignment.

      Please note: When you un assign a down payment request, system displays the message 'Invoice clearing switched; check status in accounts receivable'.

      This is an information message, since the down payment invoice need to be cleared before usage, and since you now removed the assignment, system alerts you to check the receivable of the account.
      There is no impact to the invoice clearing process.

    15. If you want to assign it to the next invoice, you can activate the assignment by opening the Down Payment Request and clicking on Allow Invoice Assignment.

    16. Once you release the Invoice with Down Payment Request assigned, the paid value will be noted and only the residual value will be considered for payment.

  2. You can also create a Down Payment Request without reference to any sales document.

    1. Navigate to the Customer Invoicing workcenter and select the New Down Payment Invoice Request view.

    2. Enter the required organizational and pricing related data and release the Down Payment Invoice Request.

    3. This creates a Down Payment Request without any assignment to sales documents.

    4. You need to clear the payment before being able to assign it manually.

    5. Once the payment is cleared, you can now select this Down Payment in open Invoice Requests:

    6. Open any open Invoice Request for particular customer and on General Tab you will find the Assigned Down Payments Header.Assigning_to_SO.JPG

    7. You can assign only part of the Down Payment Request to the sales document invoice request.

    8. If you now save the sales document invoice request, the reference is set and can be checked in the Down Payment Invoice Request:
      Reference Setting.JPG

    9. Once you create the Invoices from the sales documents, they will appear in the Actual Payments tab.

  3. You can use the Web Service Manage Down Payment Invoice Request to create Down Payments with and without Assignment to sales documents.
    Further documentation on the web service can be accessed via the Service Explorer view in the Application and User Management Workcenter.

  4. Down Payment Invoice Requests are considered manual invoice requests and will trigger the Approval Process for Customer Invoices.

  5. Invoice Runs can be set up to consider Down Payments during automatic creation of Customer Invoices.

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