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2810714 - Default user settings in Smart Business applications - "Sales Contract Fulfillment Rate"


  • How can we change the currency and exchange rate type in the app "Sales Contract Fulfillment Rate" app?
  • We would like that certain parameters, such as 'Currency', change dynamically according to the users parameters.


  • Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • Logistics Execution (LE)
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Smart Business

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Logon with role 'SAP_BR_INTERNAL_SALES_REP'
  2. Click the User Icon
  3. Open 'Settings' > 'Default Values'
  4. The following parameters are displayed, example: Exchange Rate Type 'P' and Display Currency 'EUR'
  5. Open App 'Sales Contract Fulfillment Rates'
  6. Exchange Rate Type is 'USD'
  7. Display Currency is 'M'


At the moment it is not possible to take over the default values from the user setting for the parameters for Smart Business applications. These applications can be recognized by checking the Fiori Apps Reference Library entry for the app for the Application Type: Analytical (SAP Fiori: SAP Smart Business generic drill down app).


This functionality is being discussed internally. Please monitor the road map for future release information or consider creating a feature request which would allow our other customers to vote on this feature for future releases.

For now it is recommended to edit the SAP delivered evaluation and change the values. You could consider creating a new tile for each currency. It may be easier to launch the tile -> change the currency within the tile -> copy the url and then save the resulting url as a tile on your homepage. Please assign the role 'SAP_BR_ANALYTICS_SPECIALIST' to your user to be able to access the KPI Designer.

You can also find out more information on changing the default value in the following KBA 2805972


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