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2810769 - SAP Business ByDesign Data Return Process


This document describes the current process to extact Master Data, Transactional Data, Attachments and Output Management files from the system.

This situation could happen when your contract is terminating, moving data from one system to another and so on


SAP Business ByDesign


Extraction of Master Data and Transactional Data

Whether the customer is in contract or not, the Master Data and Transaction Data should be extracted by user using:

  • Reports view in respective work center or
  • Mass Data Maintenance or
  • Data Extraction and Extraction Run for Financial Data  or 
  • Any Excel export functionality provided by the respective application team.

Additional Information:

  • Master Data can be extracted by the user using any of the above options. In case of memory issues or time out, use appropriate filters to split the records into multiple files.
  • Files exported through Data Extraction (ByD) are in .XML format which is same as Migration template format.
  • Files exported through and Mass Data Maintenance are in .CSV format.
  • Notes (Text Collection) are supported only for few objects

Extraction of Attachments and Output Management files

At present, it is not possible to export Attachments for any of the Business Objects and there is no mass export functionality for Output Management files. Hence, user need to request such exports via incident.

Note: Such process might take a few weeks as this process is performed manually by the operations team and, it will depend on the amount of attachments available in the system.

How to extract Organizational Master data in migration template?

Please raise a related incident.

How to extract Data using Life Website?

The URL link to the old web dynpro based extraction (End of Life Tool) is no longer supported. In ByD system, you can use the Data Extraction feature instead

Data Extraction feature in ByDesign

  1. Go to Application and User Management work center.
  2. Go to Data Extraction view.
  3. Select New.
  4. Enter a Run ID.
  5. Select the Extraction Object which you want to extract.
  6. Select the Package Active checkbox and define Package Size to automatically perform the extraction in packages with each package containing the number of instances selected.
  7. Select Export Code Description to show texts/descriptions for the codes.
  8. Choose to Save or Activate and Run.
  9. To view the results, search for runs with status Finished.
  10. Select the run to see a list of files that are extracted.
  11. You can choose to Download the extracted files or to Remove them.

You can also refer to the FAQ of Data Extraction - 2667932

If the object is not available as part of Data Extraction then you may report an incident

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