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2810790 - You are Unable to Export External Key from Data Workbench


You don't know how to update a field for an object. You know that the External Key is mandatory. You exported the data from Data Workbench work center, but there is no External Key. You don't know how you can update the data via Data Workbench without External Key.

For example, you would like to update Marketing Attributes for the Account. You exported a specific account from Data Workbench work center, but the field for External Key is blank.


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  1. Export the parent entity and use filters to get the exact parent entity. In the example, the parent entity is Account. Therefore, you would use the filter Account ID to export the specific account.
  2. Export the target entity (the target entity is the entity to be imported in step 7). Any record is ok. In the example, the target entity is Attribute Assignment. You could export any business partner ID. 
  3. Clear content of the column ObjectID and HeaderObjectID of the target entity, but don't remove the columns from the file. In the example, you would clear the content of the columns ObjectID and HeaderObjectID of the Attribute Assignment export file.
  4. Update the ParentObjectID column of the target entity record with the ObjectID value of the parent which was exported in the first step. In the example, you would update the columns ParentObjectID of the Attribute Assignment with the ObjectID value of the Account.
  5. Maintain a new External Key for the record. In the example, you would maintain new External Key for the business partner ID in the Attribute Assignment file.
  6. Maintain any other values of the target entity. In the example, you would maintain additional values of the Attribute Assignment file.
  7. Perform an update of data using this target entity file to import it. In the example, you would import the Attribute Assignment template using Data Workbench work center. 

Note: The first step might not be necessary for all business objects. One example is Product Category Description. The ObjectID of the parent entity Product Category is identical with the ParentObjectID of the target entity Product Category Description. Therefore, it is not required to export the parent entity Product Category in this case. It is sufficient to export the target entity Product Category Description only.


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