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2814372 - Q3 1908 - Recruiting Release Information FAQ


This Knowledge Base Article provides information on all major recruiting functionalities coming up in 1908 Release.


  • SAP Successfactors Recruiting Management (RCM)
  • SAP Successfactors Recruiting Marketing (RMK)
  • SAP Successfactors Recruiting Posting (RPO)

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Product Documentation:

The documentation can also be found on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, quick links under "What's New" section will provide the detailed release summary across application. 

Release summary Information:


Module Specific Enhancements & Features:


Component ID Feature Description Before & After Additional Information
LOD-SF-RCM RCM-64829 Agency Portal/Country Picklist Recruiting users can now see the updated name of the country, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic as North Macedonia, Republic of North Macedonia when adding this country in the picklist field.
LOD-SF-RCM RCM-63222 Agency Portal Agency 2.0 is now generally available as Agency in SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite. Agency has an enhanced User Interface (UI) and improved user experience over Agency 1.0. Using the Agency Portal, the agency users can view recruiter information and candidate status. Note that Agency 1.0 is being deprecated in Q3 2019. Before: This feature was in Beta in the past releases.

After: Agency 2.0 is available for customers and Agency 1.0 is being deprecated.

KBA: 2728199 - Agency 2.0 in Recruiting Management

LOD-SF-RCM RCM-61986 Recruiting users can now trigger assessments for candidates using OData API.

Before: Assessment could be triggered only through SFAPI.

After: Candidate assessment can be triggered through OData API.

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LOD-SF-RCM-INT ECT-113641 Adaption of Enhanced Manage Pending Hires in Recruiting

You can use Enhanced Manage Pending Hires with Employee Central Integration in the Recruiting screen to sort, filter, as well as recognize records that are already in Draft folder and in Workflow approval process. Enhanced Manage Pending Hires comes with configurable columns and configurable columns names.

Note: The Opt-in "Enhanced Manage Pending Hires Feature" switch will enable the feature for both Onboarding and Recruiting after 1908. There will not be a seperate option for each feature.

Before: In the previous release, SAP SuccessFactors introduced Enhanced Managed Pending Hires for Onboarding 1.0 and Employee Central integration, however this was not implemented at the time for Recruiting.

After: This feature will now enhance both Onboarding and Recruiting for Manage Pending Hires

Enable Manage Pending Hires
LOD-SF-RCM RCM-65699 Assessments Previously, if en_US support was turned off in Provisioning, you could not import assessment vendor packages that had no en_US column in the CSV file. Now, you can import assessment vendor packages without an en_US column, or with an en_US column containing no data.





RCM-RMK Integration The Candidate Single Sign On (SSO) feature is no longer supported, and has been replaced with the Candidate Account Simplification feature, which provides candidates with a single point of access to manage their accounts and profiles across Recruiting Management (RCM) and Recruiting Marketing (RMK). If your system still uses the Candidate SSO, enabling Candidate Account Simplification will eliminate or consolidate account sync, password reset, login, DPCS, and dual profile workflows. For more information, see "Candidate Account Simplification" in the Recruiting Marketing guide.

Before: The customer had two options for the integration between RCM and RMK:

  • Candidate Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Candidate Account Simplification (CAS).

After: Candidate Single Sign On (SSO) feature has been sunset and all the customers that didn't move their implementation to CAS before the release 1908 will have their integration configured with CAS via script after the release deployment. However, it's important to mention that some customers might not have all the prerequisites to have the integration working properly. In this case, the candidate experience can be impact. If this is your case, please contact an implementation partner or SAP Professional Services to review your system configuration.

LOD-SF-RCM-CRM RCM-66284 Candidate Management You can no longer change the MDF Version History value to "yes" because MDF object audits aren't supported for all CRM-related MDF objects.


LOD-SF-RCM-CRM RCM-66275 Candidate Management/Email Campaign - CRM The Send Email dialog now includes text explaining that emails are only sent to candidates who have opted-in to receiving marketing emails.

Before: It wasn't clear why the system didn't send Email Campaigns for specific recipients.

After: The Message Dialog box states that candidates only receive emails if they give consent.

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LOD-SF-RCM RCM-63724 Candidate Management You can now identify which existing candidates interacted with the data capture forms that have been assigned a data capture form code in Career Site Builder. Using Candidate Search, the system identifies existing candidates whose profiles were not updated when submitting data capture forms as visited. For successful submissions, candidate profiles are identified as updated.

Before: Existent candidates were not able to complete and/update a data capture form.

After: In RCM is now possible use Candidate Search to identify candidates through the following Candidate Activity criteria:

 - visited

 - submitted

 - updated

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LOD-SF-RCM RCM-63204 Candidate Management/Message Center A new filter option in Message Center, Archived Only, allows Recruiting users to archive their e-mails to enhance their experience of categorizing and searching their e-mails.


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LOD-SF-RCM RCM-60108 Provisioning You can now access the re-indexing button for candidate profile data after you have imported new candidates using legacy data migration. This can be found in the company listing in provisioning by going to the Search Index tab. This feature includes a change of text under the Edit Candidate Profile Template option in provisioning and in Manage Templates page in Admin Center, which states that re-indexing is necessary when you have imported candidate data using legacy data migration.

Before: Customers had to create a ticket to support requesting a re-indexing.

After: Partners will have the ability to perform the re-index. Please note that Provisioning is only accessible by Partners. Customer do not have access.

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LOD-SF-RCM RCM-64940 Interview Scheduling The job to check meeting responses now runs every hour, rather than every four, so Recruiting users will experience a shorter wait time to receive a meeting request response.


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LOD-SF-RCM RCM-63207 Interview Scheduling To improve the experience of selecting a face-to-face interview location, you can now configure a cascading picklist set for Location, with up to three levels total. The final list of locations offered to a Recruiting user is based on the selections they chose in the first and second level picklists.


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LOD-SF-RCM RCM-64053 Job Applications You can now define business rules for job applications so that you can automate standard and customized fields as default values when a job application is created.


LOD-SF-RCM RCM-64813 A new column, Source, has been added to the Change History section in Job Requisition. Using the Source column, you can view whether the Job Requisition information was created or updated using the User Interface or OData API.

Before: RCM users didn't have a way to determine if a change in a job requisition field was performed via API or UI.

After: The new Source column will be available in the Change History section of Job Requisitions.

2816166 - Source column on Change History section in the Job Requisition - Recruiting Management

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LOD-SF-RCM RCM-65190 You can now choose whether or not to display the instruction fields to a candidate when they view their application after the job requisition is closed.


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LOD-SF-RCM RCM-60113 Job Requisitions An exception occurred when you tried to update Job Profile for a deleted Job Role on the Job Requisition page. Now the application exception is handled with a valid error message.

Before: An exception occurs when the user tries to update a job profile for a requisition whose the job role was deleted.

After: When the user opens the job requisition it's presented a warning message informing the user that the either the job role or job profile are invalid. If the user tries to save the job profile configuration, an error message will inform the to associate the job requisition with a valid job role or job profile.

LOD-SF-RCM-ADM RCM-64289 You can now configure the labels for the Job Requisition standard fields using the Manage Job Requisition System Field Labels tool in Admin Center. A new permission, Manage Job Requisition System Field Labels, has been added that helps you manage user access to the tool. Previously, you had to contact your implementation partner or SAP Cloud Support to configure the labels in the standard fields.



2504514 - Configured Label Changes in Job Requisition Template is Not Showing in the UI - Recruiting Management

2442871 - Job Requisition System Field Labels Feature Not Updating Field Labels in UI - Recruiting Management

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LOD-SF-RCM-ADM RCM-63414 You can now configure the labels for the Job Application standard fields using the Manage Job Application Field Labels tool in the Admin Center. A new permission, Manage Job Application Field Labels, has been added that helps you manage user access to the tool. Previously you had to contact your implementation partner or SAP Cloud Support to configure the labels in the standard fields.



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LOD-SF-RCM-ADM RCM-60112 Manage Templates/Candidate Profile Enhancements have been made to the Job Application and Candidate Profile in Manage Templates to provide a better user experience when using these templates to configure templates for Recruiting Management. Configurations that were previously done through Provisioning such as, assigning permission for a specific user or role can now be done in Manage Templates. Also, missing fields or functionalities due to XML misconfiguration can now be avoided.

Before: Specific configuration were only possible via Provisioning.

After: Users with proper permissions can now assign permissions for specific users and roles in via Manage Templates.

LOD-SF-RCM-EML RCM-60070 Email Notifications Previously, users were allowed to add all types of tokens to any type of email notification. As a result, some of the tokens wouldn't get resolved, as they were not compatible with the particular email notification. Now, the use of standard tokens have been restricted and based on the type of email notifications that are being created, only the compatible tokens will show up.

Before: No validation of tokens againt the email notification type were performed by the system to avoid invalid use of tokens in specific email notifications. Consquently users didn't understand why the tokens didn't resolve.

After: The use of tokens have been restricted based on the type of email notifications that are being created.

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LOD-SF-RCM-EML RCM-55368 Check Tool Two new configuration checks ‘Tokens for e-mail validation’ and ‘Unreceived E-Mails’ have been added for Recruiting in the Check Tool. Tokens for e-mail validation will determine if all the tokens associated with the enabled triggers are correctly configured. Unreceived E-Mails will determine if Single Recipient option is enabled in Provisioning.

Before: Customers and partners needed to review the configuration in order to determine the root cause for a missconfiguration.

After: The Check Tool funcationality has been enhanced in the past releases to provide customers and partners an additional way for troubleshooting issues before open a support ticket.

LOD-SF-RMK-CSB RMK-19178 Career Site Builder The Rule Editor in the Category Pages in Career Site Builder now includes an option to access an advanced rule editor, which allows you to both create and edit advanced solr category rules.

Before: Advanded solr category rules were not appearing in the CSB interface. However, the rules were applied in the backend. This was causing a confusion during the implementation phase where partners were opt-in to use advanced solr syntax.

After: CSB now supports the specification of advanced Solr Category Rules. Partners or Customers with knowledge about the solr syntax will be able to specify complex rules in CSB to group jobs in category pages.

LOD-SF-RMK-CSB RMK-16230 Career Site Builder Career Site Builder users can now enable Google Tag Manager (GTM) to add and update customized tags for conversion tracking, site analytics remarketing, etc. on their Career Site (powered by Career Site Builder). A tracking code called container is given by Google Tag Manager interface to integrate into Career Site Builder Settings. Users can configure the tags that they want to integrate into their career site through Google Tag Manager interface. Previously, without Google Tag Manager container, users could only configure Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster.

Before: Google Tag Manager (GTM) was not supported in Career Site Builder (CSB).

After: Customers and partners have the ability to configure Google Tag Manager (GTM) in the same way the were able to configure Google Analytics, Goolge Webmaster and Bing Webmaster.

LOD-SF-RPO RP-8672 Previously, when configuring a custom Job Requisition Field Mapping rule, an entire list of fields appeared in the select menu without making a distinction between templates. Now, the admin can view template-specific fields to map by first selecting the Job Requisition template to be edited. This feature saves time and simplifies configuration, import, and replication of Job Posting Rules between templates. No need to do any configuration. It's Universal.

Recruiters can now perform actions on job postings directly from the Job Posting Table. An integrated dropdown allows customers to edit a post or manage job boards.

No need to do any configuration. It's Universal.

Please note this feature will be available only for customers that uses Recruiting Posting 2.0 (Integration with RCM)

LOD-SF-RPO RP-8319 The autoposting feature allows admins to accelerate the posting process by creating a job board rule based on job requisition fields. Recruiters select a job board in step 1 of the posting process, then each subsequent post has that job board pre-selected. No need to do any configuration. It's Universal.
LOD-SF-RPO RP-7410 Until now, Admins have been able to see with which Posting Profile a Recruiter is associated by selecting a Recruiter listed under Recruiting Posting settings → “Associate users to posting profiles”.​ Now, Admins can also view a list of Recruiters associated with a Posting Profile by selecting the Posting Profile directly in their tree (→ “Manage posting profiles and groups” tile) and selecting the Users tab to see associated Recruiters. No need to do any configuration. It's Universal.
LOD-SF-RPO RP-6336 Recruiting Posting user admins can now map the contact data that prepopulates the job posting form. They can either use the posting profile contact information or the user contact information. This feature adds an optional information source that comes directly from the RCM user. No need to do any configuration. It's Universal.
LOD-SF-RCM-JOB An error occurs while accessing to the Recruiting tab Click here for more details.
LOD-SF-RCM-ADM An error occurs while uploading a job requisition xml template  Click here for more details



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