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2816504 - How to resolve Post Picklist Migration issues


This KBA lists the solutions available to address common Post Picklist Migration issues.


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


Issue Solution This applies to
Post picklist migration errors validating reports KBA 2973443 Analytics Advanced Reporting
Numbers Displaying Instead of Picklist Value in a Field KBA 2705217 Employee Central
EC2MDF mapping wasn’t set up before migration. KBA 2770463 Employee Central
Picklists Values duplicated with ~%1 KBA 2786336  HXM Suite
Picklist codes appended with suffixes "~%1", "~MDF" or "~LEGACY" KBA 2909791  HXM Suite
Post migration, the parent_option_id doesn’t exist. As part of migration, the <parent_option_id> reference is dropped and it’s set to "-1", which is the default value. If this proves to be an issue, specify the correct mapping using the Picklist Center. HXM Suite
Duplicate external codes exist in the existing MDF picklist. Duplicate <external_code> values aren’t supported by MDF. As a result, during migration, a unique external code is generated for MDF and the legacy external code is preserved in a new database field. This new database field appears on the UI as non-unique external code while the other code is displayed as the external code. You can edit both these fields using the Picklist Center.

Note: To edit the NonUniqueExternalCode field, you first have to make the field editable using the Configure Object Definition page in the Admin Center.
HXM Suite
Picklist ID is 'null' in the Legacy table 'Null' picklist ID values aren’t supported by migration. Such picklists aren’t migrated. HXM Suite
Legacy Picklists with no labels Legacy picklists without labels aren't migrated in the following scenarios:
  • Scenario 1: None of the option ID's of a picklist exist in the label table. In this case, picklist and picklistValue aren’t migrated.
  • Scenario 2: Some of the option ID's of a picklist don’t exist in the label table. In this case, PicklistValues that aren’t present in the label table aren't migrated. Picklist and other picklistValues are migrated.
Note: Labels of languages that aren’t enabled for a company aren't migrated. This means that: label_id aren't migrated from the legacy label table.
HXM Suite
External Code field is always unique but doesn't impact integration. The external code field in new MDF picklists is always unique but you don’t have to change any integration.

During migration, the original Option ID value in a legacy picklist is copied as-is to the External Code field in MDF if it's unique. Or, if there are conflicts, a new unique external code value is assigned. The original legacy Option ID value is always copied as-is to the "nonUniqueExternalCode field" in MDF.

For integration, the parent picklist mapping is based on the Option ID in legacy picklists, which is transferred to the "nonUniqueExternalCode field" in MDF as-is. The generated External Code in MDF shouldn’t impact any parent picklist fields.
HXM Suite

For overall information on Picklist Migration, please refer to KBA 2328179 and to the Implementing Picklists.

After reviewing the above, if you still cannot identify the root cause of an unexpected behavior related to picklists after migration, please report an case for our support team to assist you further.


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