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2817913 - Clear Sales Order / Item for Consistency Before Change of Project Task


For expense report ABC (ABC is the expense report ID), the cost assignment differs in the overview page and the expense report page.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Travel and Expenses work center.
  2. Go to the Expense Reports view.
  3. Search for Expense Report ABC and select it.
  4. Click Edit.

There is only one Cost Assignment: 100% Project Task DEF (DEF is the Project task ID)

  1.  Navigate to the Expense tab.

There are NN line items (NN is the number of line items and can range from N1 to NN numbers).
Line Items e.g. N1, N2, N4 and N7 (N1, N2, N4 and N7 are the line items 1, 2, 4 and 7) has the deviating cost assignment to cost object GHI (GHI is another project task).
The Project task is GHI and the sales order item is JKL (JKL is the sales order item ID).

  1.  Click You can Also Open Overview.

Cost Assignment shows cost assignments to Project Task DEF.


Root Cause is the change of Project DEF by GHI without removing the Sales order JKL on receipt Level.

As a result the new Project is overwritten by old Project based on sales order in Coding block.
The standard behavior in generic cost distribution reuse component is as follows:
Whenever you have a cost assignment with project task and sales order and you change the sales order in frontend, the system looks for the project task assigned to this sales order and overwrites the project task. 
The same logic is executed during settlement:

You have first entered a project and then assigned sales order. Then you changed the project to a project task, that isn’t assigned to this sales order, but didn’t change / remove the sales order.

During settlement the system – according to the logic above - looks for the project / project task assigned to this sales order and found the originally entered project and overwrites the just entered project task with the originally entered project.
This is the standard system behavior.


In order to make the customer aware of this a corresponding warning message: “Clear sales order / item for consistency before change of project task”  has been introduced.

(If the user tries to change the project task if the sales order had already been filled, then this warning message is displayed.) In this case, this warning message has been ignored by the User.

You can solve this inconsistency as follows:

  1. Go to the Travel and Expenses work center.
  2. Go to the Expense Reports view.
  3. Search for Expense Report ABC and select it.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Navigate to the Expense tab.
  6. Open all Expense Items where the deviating cost assignment contains the inconsistent combination of project task GHI with sales order item JKL.
  7. For each of these cost assignments clear the sales order field by removing sales order item JKL and then change the project task to GHI. (If desired / required, add any sales order fitting to this project).
  8. After all expense items have been corrected, navigate to the Review button.

The inconsistency is removed. Project task GHI with or without new sales order item is displayed.

If the cost distribution is correct, press Save to submit expense report ABC.


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