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2818128 - Permissions - Access to Rater List in a Copied Form - 360 Multi Rater


  • Who has the permission to access rater list in a copied 360 form?
  • User A is not involved in the 360 form route map and User B send a copy to user A after the form completed. Can User A can view the rater list in this copied form?


SAP SuccessFactors 360 Multi Rater


Whether user A has the permission to view the rater list in the copied form is determined by the role of user B.

If user B has any roles or had any actions before in below list, user A can see Rater List in the 360 form.

  1. User B is the current process owner (Note: User B must be the current process owner. If user B was the previous process owner the permission won't work).
  2. User B launched the form
  3. User B routed the form in modify stage
  4. User B signed the form

Otherwise, Rater List is not visible to user A.

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