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2821687 - Unable to Upload Golden Tax Inbound Excel File due to Error about 'Number of columns in Excel template'


When uploading the Excel file to a requested Golden Tax Invoice, system reports errors:

error 1:Error in Excel upload template or Number of columns in Excel template.
error 2:Invoice header record for file is missing.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Customer Invoicing work center.
  2. Go to Golden Tax Invoices view.
  3. Show Requested Invoices.
  4. Select an invoice and click Upload button.
  5. In Attachment screen, click Add- File button, browser a saved Golden Tax Inbound Excel file which generated from Golden Tax software, click Add.
  6. Click Save button on the Attachment screen.

System shows the errors and you are not able to complete the Golden Tax process for the invoice.


When saving Golden Tax inbound file, system checks the number of columns in the Excel. For Aisino Shanghai Excel file, the number of columns is 31 and for Beijing file, it is 21.

To check which Golden Tax file type you are using:

  1. Go to Customer Invoicing work center.
  2. Select Golden Tax Master Data from Common Tasks view.
  3. In the table of File Master data, you maintained for example Golden Tax file Type as Aisino Excel File, and Excel Upload Template as Beijing.

In this case, you are using Aisino Beijing file type. When you uploading a file, system checks and detects additional columns in the Excel. These additional columns might be added without putting a column name. You need to remove these columns from the Excel.


For Aisino Beijing Excel file type, system requires 21 columns from A to U.

For Aisino Shanghai Excel file type, system requires 31 columns are from A to AE.

You may delete 10 (or more) columns after column U (for Beijing type) or AE (for Shanghai type), and try to upload again.

See Also

You can find the Aisino Excel file template attached.

金税上传模板_Aisino上海.xlsx ==> Aisino Shanghia Excel template

金税上传模板_Aisino北京.xlsx ==> Aisino Beijing Excel template


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