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2822628 - Supported Approval Processes in CRM documents


You want to know which documents are supported in approval process in CRM area and where to configure the approval relevant settings.


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You can find the supported documents/processes in CRM area.


Process Scope Question Path BC Activity Multi-Step Approval? Related KBA
1 Sales Quote

Sales -> New Business ->Quotes -> Approval for Quotes. 
Question:Do you want to use a multi-step approval process for quotes?

Approval for Quotes Yes




2 Sales Order

Sales -> Selling Products and Services -> Sales Orders -> Approval for Sales Orders. 
Question:Do you want to use a multi-step approval process for sales orders?

Approval for Sales Orders Yes




3 Customer Contract

Sales -> Selling Products and Services -> Customer Contracts -> Approval for Customer Contracts.
Question:Do you want to use a multi-step approval process for customer contracts?



4 Service Order

Service -> Service and Repair -> Service Order. 
Question:Do you want to use an approval process for service orders ?

5 Service Confirmation

Service -> Service and Repair -> Service Confirmation. 
Question:Do you want to use an approval process for service confirmations?




6 Customer Return

Sales -> Selling Products and Serivces -> Customer Returns -> Approval for Customer Returns. 
Question:Do you want to set-up an approval process for your returns?

Approval for Customer Returns No 1969149
7 Manual Customer Invoice*

Sales -> Customer Invoicing -> Miscellaneous Invoicing. 
Question:Do you want to set up approval process for manual customer invoices and credit memos?






8 Price List and Discount List

General Business Data ->Product and Service Pricing -> Sales Price and Discount Lists. 
Question:Do you want to set up an approval process for price and discount lists?



  • For the Multi-Step approval processes, after enabled in Business Configuration project, you are able to find them in the Application and User Management work center -> Approval Processes view, where you can set up the detailed approval steps for example conditions and approvers.

Here is an example of how to set up multi-step approval process for Sales Order: 2853153 - How to Set up Multi-Step Approval Process for Sales Orders

  • For the non Multi-Step approval processes, you will need to follow the dedicated approval process describes below.

Customer Return: 1969149 How to set-up an Approval Process for Customer Returns

Price List and Discount List: 2083329 - Approval Process for Price list and Discount List.

*Please note that there is no Approval Processes for Customer Invoices with preceding documents or for Invoices based on External Customer Invoice Requests. The reason for this is that the Approval is assumed to be already done in the preceding document for example the Sales Order. Hence the approval process can only be set up for Manual Customer Invoices.

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