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2823419 - Unable to Find User to be Set as Job Requisition Operator When Creating a Job Requisition in Recruiting


  • When creating job requisitions and selecting its operators, one or more internal users cannot be found in the user search
  • Sometimes, a few users can be found in the search, but it is still not possible to find some other users following the exact same steps

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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the job requisition
  2. In the operator field, search for a specific user either by entering the name or through Find Users
  3. The person doesn't come up


There are a few possible causes for this:

  1. There is a Recruiting Group associated to the operator field, and the user is not part of it
  2. The Recruiting Group name in the job requisition template isn't exactly as it is configured in Manage Recruiting Groups. They should be an exact match
  3. The user doing the action doesn't have the User Search permission
    • To check if the user has permission to see User Search, all of the permissions granted to the user can be checked through View User Permission in Admin Center.
  1. In the permission role granted to the user that contains the User Search permission, the target population is set to a specific criteria that the user being searched is not part of.
    • To check if that is the case:
    1. Use View User Permission to search for an affected user's permissions (an affected user is someone who cannot find users when searching)
    2. Find which Permission Roles the User Search permission is given to the user
    3. Using Manage Permission Roles, search for (one of) the above Permission Roles
    4. Edit the Permission Role

Edit Permission Role.png

    1. At the bottom of the Permission Role Detail page, check the Target Population 


    1. If this is not set to "Everyone", it could be set to one of the other two criteria and the searched user might not contemplate the criteria of the target population (e.g. as shown above the target population are the users part of the Admin group, so it's possible the user being searched is not part of the group Admin).


For Cause 1: If there is a Recruiting Group associated with the operator field, it means users that can be assigned to the field are limited to the people in the group. To see who is part of the Recruiting Group

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Manage Recruiting Groups
  2. Check if the user pertains to the Recruiting Group associated with the operator field
  • To fix this, it is required to either add the user to the Recruiting Group/remove the Recruiting Group associated to the field, which can be done through Manage Templates.
  • To see what is the Recruiting Group associated with the operator, see KBA 2728359.

For Cause 2: In the Job Requisition Template XML, the Recruiting Group name has to be an exact match with the Recruiting Group in Manage Recruiting Groups in Admin Center. The instructions to update the Recruiting Group in the Job Requisition Template through Manage Templates are in KBA 2728359.

For Cause 3: It will be required to grant permission to the user to User Search to allow them to see the users in the system.

For Cause 4: It will depend on your business need. There are multiple ways to achieve this:

  • Add the users to the target population criteria of that permission role (e.g. add the user being searched in the permission group);
  • Create a new permission group for these users that requires to be searched, and include it in the Target Population of the permission role in question;
  • Create a new permission role just to grant access to the users' information, and grant it to the users that are searching to see the information about the target users.

To avoid conflicts with existing permissions, it's a best practice to create a new Permission Role, and grant this Role access to User Search permission only. Set the Target Population for this Role to Everyone.

See Also

KB article 2728359 - How to set a Recruiting Group via Manage Templates


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