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2823817 - Compensation & Variable Pay - Total Compensation template validations


Validations should reduce the necessity to troubleshoot non-compliant templates. Admins should be able to fix/remove the problematic configurations based on these validations.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation
  • SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay


As of b1908 there will be validations added for Total Compensation templates during import. Please note some of these were already existing but have been more refined.

What are these validations for?

Previously, no validations were done for uploaded Total Compensation Plan templates (XML). Now, when importing a Total Compensation Plan template through the Admin Center, the system validates the template for consistency and compliance to Total Compensation Plan template requirements.
Templates with configurations that are supported in Compensation and Variable Pay templates are not allowed to be imported unless they are also supported in Total Compensation plan templates. This validation should reduce the necessity to troubleshoot non-compliant templates.



  • Using all in rating sources or Budget is not supported in Total Compensation.

total compensation useFor all.png

  • If attempting to update this through template update there will be an Error: useFor=all for rating source is not valid in Total Compensation templates. Please remove the parameter.


  • This was previously set to false while merging or cloning.
  • This will now be set to either per your requirement.
  • Please note while merging, the flag will be following the Compensation template and NOT Variable Pay.
    For example, Compensation template is true and Variable Pay is false. The new Total Compensation template will be true.


  • If you merge a Compensation plan which includes the Bonus tab, during the merge process this will be removed along with its contents.


  • While merging Compensation & Variable Pay templates this attribute will now be set to true by default.
  • Previously this was set to be false.


  • Throws an error upon updating or saving templates. For example, attempting to add columns with useFor="Bonus".
  • Bonus tab is not used in Total Compensation plans.


  • This removes the comp-varpay-ref if defined in either Compensation or Variable Pay templates.
  • This is/was used to link Compensation plans to Variable Pay templates (interoperability).


  • While merging templates this section is removed from the Total Compensation template.
  • If attempting to insert this section, there will be an error message.


  • This option will be set to false during the merging.
  • This is a legacy feature flag which when marked as true, will make all custom fields in the plan reportable. For example, custom speadsheet reports and others.
  • The flag being marked as true has a consequence of having a lot of records in the data-base, which in turn impacts performance. This will be retired in the future.
  • For Total Compensation, we check to see if the flag is set and update this to false.


  • Within column groups this will only show on one tab


  • Different configuration for Compensation & Variable pay for Total Compensation.
  • This can only be configured within the template xml. The following example shows planner currency only available for Compensation and not Variable Pay.
  • Template definition:

variable pay currency view.png

compensation currency view.png

  • In a launched form you can see Compensation has planner currency however Variable Pau does not.

total compensation vrp currency.png

total compensation cmp currency.png

column level number formatting:

  • Custom formatting is removed during merge.
  • If being added to the template via upload there will be a warning message.


  • Error while attempting to save.
  • While creating and merging templates this set to false.
  • This only for Variable Pay and therefore cannot mismatch with Compensation tabs.

Validation autoCalcBudgetForSalary, autoCalcBudgetForStock and autoCalcBudgetForBonus:

  • These flags will be set to be false within the template while cloning, merging and saving.
  • Manually updating these will cause an error message.

autocalcbudget error message.png

  • These fags are:

total compensation autocalcbudget.png

Cascade budget:

  • The use of cascading budget is ONLY valid for Compensation (Salary) within Total Compensation.
  • This is not currently supported for Variable Pay

Rollup hierarchies 2 & 3:

  • These hierarchies are not supported within Total Compensation.
  • If attempting to apply these an error message will be shown. This is during template save, clone or creation.

Attributres which will be ignored for Total Compensation templates

varpay.widget-landing-page (live analytics):

  • Remove during clone/merge.
  • Warn on update.

NOTE: This is being retired in Q2 2020 2252674 - Variable Pay Live Analytics

varpay.freeze-columns-for-scrolling (already retired along with old worksheet):

  • Remove during clone/merge.
  • Warn on update.

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