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2824572 - Non-Unique External Code - MDF Picklist


What is the non-unique External Code field in MDF Picklists?


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The "non-unique external code" is a field in the PicklistValue MDF object that contains the legacy "external code" value after your picklist migration.

In legacy picklists, the "external code" field had no validation, so it could be any value, and it was not required, so it could be empty. With MDF picklists, the "external code" field is mandatory and must be unique. As a result, in many cases, the migration of this field couldn't be a straight one-to-one mapping. In such cases, the legacy "external code" value" is stored in a new MDF field called the "non-unique external code". After migration, pages in the application that previously used legacy picklists now use the "non unique external code" to read legacy picklist values and ensure that there is no change to end-user experience.

By default, after picklist migration, in the PicklistValue MDF object, the value of the unique "external code" and the value of the "non unique external code" (copied from legacy picklists) are kept in sync. That means that, after migration, any change you make to the "external code" field in the PicklistValue MDF object will automatically be copied over into the "non unique external code" field as well.

However, this behavior can be changed. You may have used the legacy "external code" field in legacy picklists for a specific purpose that we could not anticipate and not want them to be synced automatically with the MDF "external code". In this case, you can choose to disable this sync and treat the "external code" and "non unique external code" as two distinct and separate values.

Disabling Sync of Non-Unique External Code

Disable the automatic sync between the "non-unique external code" and "external code" fields in the PicklistValue MDF object. To do so, please:

  1. Create a Support ticket.
  2. Request to have the following option disabled in Provisioning > Company Settings > Picklist Management: Automatically copy External Code to Non Unique External Code

After this option is disabled, the value of the "external code" field in the PicklistValue MDF object is no longer copied automatically in the "non-unique external code" field. Instead, you can treat each field as distinct and use them for different purposes.

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