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2824818 - Error "Update not allowed for properties" While Updating the Fields Using Data Workbench


Your requirement is to update the data in some of the fields of the respective object using Data Workbench. Upon trying to modify the data in required fields and uploading the file for the object in the Update view in Data Workbench, you see processing errors for the records.

Few examples as below:

Update not allowed for properties: ProcessorPartyName. Check metadata for ServiceRequestCollection

Update not allowed for properties: DistributionChannel,SalesOrganisationID. Check metadata for ProductSalesProcessInformationCollection


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Reproducing the Issue

To export data for the Data Workbench object:

  1. Go to Data Workbench workcenter
  2. Go to Export tab
  3. In the Search field, select the object
  4. Choose appropriate filters if required
  5. Select Next
  6. Export Data
  7. Go to the Monitor tab
  8. Download the exported file

Perform the Update of the Object using the same file

  1. Modify the data for the required fields in the file 
  2. Save the file
  3. Go to Data Workbench workcenter
  4. Go to the Import tab
  5. Select the radio button Individual Objects
  6. Go to Update tab
  7. Select the object
  8. Select Next and Browse for the file
  9. Select Upload
  10. Choose Next to review the summary of your selection
  11. Select Import
  12. Go to Monitor view to check the status of your import
  13. The records in the file have the Processing Error


The properties of the respective Service are updatable=false and therefore, the processing records are in error.

You may verify the Properties for the respective Entity Set by executing the below query in Google Chrome browser.$metadata (where myxxxxxx represents the tenant)

Once you see the results, find the Entity Type and check the Property accordingly.


You will also be able to see the Properties for the respective Entity Set as below:

1. Go to Administrator work center 
2. Go to OData Service Explorer view 
3. Show SAP OData Services 
4. Highlight the Service name: c4codataapi and select the button Test
5. On the OData Console, for the Service , in the left pane, select the Entity Set
6. Select the tab Entity Details


DistributionChannel and Sales_Organization_ID is marked as updatable=false in the metadata of the service Product. The exported file has Product Sales data with Distribution_Channel code as 02 and the Sales_Organization_ID XXXXX in the system. But with the Update task, you tried to update the Distribution Channel code as 01 and further update the Sales_Organization_ID to YYYYY. That is, you updated the value of property DistributionChannel and SalesOrganizationID which is marked as updatable=false due to which the update failed with error.


The fields which are marked as updatable=false will not be allowed to update via Data Workbench.


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