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2833068 - Error in Calibration Template Data Tab: You cannot configure this option due to the rating scale/pick list definition missing


What are the possible reasons or causes of error in Calibration Template when pulling ratings from PM Forms.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Calibration
  • SAP SuccessFactors Succession Management

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Admin Center
  2. Calibration
  3. Manage Calibration Templates
  4. Select the template
  5. Data Tab
  6. Add Performance & Form Template

Calibration error.png


There are number of reasons for this error.

  • Incorrect scale-id and type-id associated to the trend element in the Data Model XML of the rating that gets the error.
  • Rating is not defined in the Matrix Grid settings X and Y axis
  • Trend Element not defined in the data model XML
  • Custom rating scales hardcoded into the Obj-Comp or Perf-Pot summary section, which have been deleted or renamed in Admin Center => Rating Scales; not supported to hard-code rating scales into these sections, only matrix-grid-scales are supported - see also 2545446


1. Please see if scale-id or type-id is properly configured in the data model XML (Only partners and Support have access to the XML template)

Background Element ID Correct Scale ID Correct Type ID
sysOverallPerformance Performance 31
sysOverallPotential Potential 32
sysOverallObjective Objective 33
sysOverallCompetency Compentency 34
sysOverallCustom1 Custom1 35
sysOverallCustom2 Custom2 36

2. Make sure that if the error is with Overall Potential, Overall Performance, Overall Objective or Overall Competency, rating should at least be defined in the Matrix Grid Report Settings in Admin Center > Succession

trend configuration.png

3. Define trend element in the Data model XML (Only partners and Support have access to the XML template)

  • background-element id="sysOverallPerformance"
  • background-element id="sysOverallPotential"
  • background-element id="sysOverallObjective"
  • background-element id="sysOverallCompetency"

4. If you have a hard-coded rating custom rating scales in these sections instead of matrix-grid-rating-scales, we advise to relaunch after correcting the PM forms. You can try instead to re-create the custom rating scales again in Admin Center => Rating Scales as workaround, however, this is not really supported. See as well 2545446


See Also

2469404 - Succession Management: Rating Scale mapping for the trend data/portlet (Performance, Potential, Objective, Competency, Custom1 and Custom2)


  • You cannot configure this option due to the rating scale/pick list definition missing
  • Calibration template
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