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2833519 - Data Replication Monitor: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


 Data Replication Monitor: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


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Data Replication Monitor


Q1. How to identify if employee has been pushed manually from Data replication Monitor by clicking on "Send" button?
Ans. Check for employeeDataReplicationElement node present under CompoundEmployee API payload and look for field "AllowReplicationInCorrectionPhase". For DRM pushed replication, value for this field would be Yes.
This is valid for BIB if customizing of Business Integration Builder and choose Basic Settings  Maintain the Constant Values. Add the constant EC to ERP (BIB): Allow Replic. for Employees in Matchcode W and set the constant value to X. 
This is valid for ECP if on V_T77S0 the constant SFEC ONGO is X.

Q2. You are not able to view org assignment entries in Data Replication Monitor though confirmation message reached successfully?
Ans. Make sure you are using "Data Replication Monitor for SAP ERP" UI under Admin center.

Q3. Should you write business rule to allow replication during correction phase or payroll area locked for further replication?
Ans. No. Business rule for standard MDF object employeeDataReplicationElement is not supported. If your business requirement is to replicate employee during correction phase or payroll area locked status then trigger replication of employees manually by clicking on send button.
This way you will have control over how many employees are being pushed.

Q4. Can Data Replication Monitor be used for custom integration purposes?
Ans. No. Data Replication monitor is only integrated with standard employee/Org assignment/Time data replication scenario to SAP Payroll systems.

Q5. Does the Data Replication Monitor support the new EC's "General Display Name" (2H 2022):
Ans. Yes. Please refer to KBA 3254070 for more details on this.

Q6. How can I get more information on the new "Awaiting Processing" status in the DRM (2H 2022):
Ans. Please refer to KBA 3252732 for more details on this.

Q7. The Data Replication Monitor is either not showing any data, or constantly loading. How can I begin troubleshooting?
Ans. Please ensure to run the "Check Tool" in SAP SuccessFactors for the Data Replication and implement all its recommendations.

Q8. I ran the Check Tool for the Data Replication Monitor and the tool still shows no data, what else can I check?
Ans. Please ensure to check and implement the following KBAs carefully:

3064546 - New Data Replication Monitor - permissions required
3275687 - 2H 2022: Data Replication Monitor shows No data
3007628 - Employee Name doesn't display correctly in Data Replication Monitor (sample ???)
3085067 - Users cannot access Data Replication Monitor (screen stuck loading) after all permissions are granted

Q9. How can display future onboardees in the DRM?
Ans. Please check KBA 3016040 for more details on this.

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