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2834383 - How to set up Quality Management in REM (Repetitive Manufacturing) in S/4HANA Cloud?


There is the need to use Quality Management in REM (Repetitive Manufacturing). But it is not clear how to deploy the QM steps in REM (Repetitive Manufacturing) using the scope item
BJH - Make-to-Stock Production - Repetitive Manufacturing.

This KBA gives information about prerequisites, master data settings and end-to-end QM processes for REM within S/4HANA Cloud.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP Quality Management (QM)
  • SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud 1908 release onwards



Assign the following business roles to the individual users.

Note that the roles are provided as example roles by SAP. They can be used as templates to create own roles.

Business Role Business Role ID as Delivered by SAP

Prerequisites before creating the inspection lot for a production version

  1. Inspection characteristics have been created or referenced in one or more operations of a routing.
  2. The routing is specified in the production version.
  3. A usage decision has been made for a previously existing inspection lot for the production version or the previously existing inspection lot was canceled.
  4. A previously existing inspection lot is not blocked. For example it is possible to block an inspection lot after the usage decision is made for the lot.

Master Data

Make sure that the following QM master data is available in the system. It is apart from the regular REM master data.

  1. Material master: Maintain inspection type 13 and 04 in the QM view of the material master.
  2. Inspection plan:  Maintain the task list usage 5 and overall status as 4.
  3. Routing: Maintain the characteristics for the operation for which inspection results are to be created. For in-process inspection of inspection type 13, there is no need to maintain the inspection plan since it was already maintained as part of the routing.
  4. Repetitive manufacturing profile: In the material master, maintain the REM profile for the in-house produced item.

Transaction Data

Quality Inspection for In-Process REM Production Process

Repetitive manufacturing environments are characterized by the high-volume, long-term production of goods. These materials are produced based on production versions that describe how the product must be manufactured. As part of REM it is possible to link the In-Process Quality inspection with the production process, which means the creation of inspection lots for production versions. Since the repetitive manufacturing process can run over an extended period, several inspections lots can be created for a production version. However, only one inspection lot can be processed at a time. This is not an automatically generated inspection lot, but a manually created one.

Process flow to create the inspection lot for the In-Process Inspection in REM

  1. Open the app Process Inspection Lot for Versions, Process Inspection Lots for Production Versions (App ID MFPR).
  2. Under version selection, choose the QM Active radio button to display the QM active materials.
    Process Inspection Lot for Versions.png
  3. Enter a combination of Material, Plant and Production Version and execute.
  4. The system displays the screen entitled, 'Process Inspection Lots for Production Versions'. The green flag indicates the materials that are relevant to Quality Management.
    Process Inspection Lot for Versions-list.png
  5. Clicking the option 'Selection of Versions w/o Inspection Lot' (Selection of Versions wo Inspection Lot.png), the system automatically selects the production versions that do not yet have an inspection lot.
    Then choose 'Create Inspection Lot' to generate the inspection lots for the production version.
    lot saved.png
  6. The red light red.png in the list indicates that results recording and usage decision are  already done for inspection lot 130000000000 and the system is now ready to create a new inspection lot.
  7. The green light green.png indicates that results recording and usage decision for the inspection lot are pending.

End-to-End Process Steps of Quality Management in REM

No Process Step Business Role App
1 Create Planned Independent Requirements Production Planner Maintain PIRs (App ID F3445)
2 Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Production Planner Schedule MRP Runs (App ID F1339)
3 Adjust Planning in Planning Table Production Supervisor - Repetitive Manufacturing Manage Repetitive Manufacturing (App ID MF50)
4 Check Range of Stock Coverage Production Planner

Monitor Material Coverage - Net and Individual Segments (App ID F2101)

5 Material Staging Production Supervisor - Repetitive Manufacturing Stage Materials for Production (App ID MF60)
6 Confirm Repetitive Manufacturing Inclusive Backflush of Materials Production Supervisor - Repetitive Manufacturing Confirm Repetitive Manufacturing (App ID MFBF)
7 Display Quality Technician Overview Quality Technician Quality Technician Overview (App ID F2361)
8 Record Inspection Results Quality Technician Record Inspection Results (App ID F1685)
9 Usage Decision Quality Engineer Manage Usage Decisions (App ID F2345)

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