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Stop words define a list of words that are not indexed to RMK.


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Currently, RMK Search Engine does not support a list of words like "NO", "IT", "IS", "OR", etc. These terms are known as "RMK Stop Words" that cannot be searched for in Solr, and any of the searchable indexes in RMK.

This means that if you try to search for a job using any of those words, the search results will return "0" or all the jobs posted on the RMK site. The same will happen if you set any of those words to a field in RCM and map it to RMK.

Please find below the list of stop words in RMK:

a also an and any am are as at be
but by can did do does find for from get
got has has have how i i'm if in into
is it it's its like no not of on or
should so such than that the their then there these
they this to too want was were what when where
whether which who whose why will with would

 If you would like to use any of the above words in a RMK field, please submit an Enhancement Request.

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