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2839943 - An Error on Adding the Custom Status in Ticket Status Dictionary


On adding the custom status code for status dictionary an error ZZZ is not valid value for this field. Enter valid value is trigger.


SAP Cloud for Customer .

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the Implementation Projects view .
  3. Select the project and click on Open Activity List .
  4. In the Fine Tune activity search for activity name Tickets for Customer Support and open it.
  5. Click on hyperlink Maintain Status Dictionary Entries.
  6. Click on button Add Row and under column Status Code, enter the value ZZZ (where ZZZ represent the custom code which start with either letter "Z" or "Y" followed by next two alphanumeric value, which can be any combination of alphabets and numbers) and click enter.
  7. An error ZZZ is not valid value for this field. Enter valid value is trigger.


Currently statuses in Ticket Status Dictionary are 2 characters long. It is not possible to create status with length more than 2 characters.Since custom statuses start with "Z" and "Y", the range where second character in status description is letter/number has to used in your system.

For E.g. It can either of these - ZA….ZZ ,YA ….YZ, Z1...Z9 or Y1...Y9 etc.


Only 2 digits custom status code is allowed for status dictionary and this is current system behavior.

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SAP Cloud for Customer add-ins 1905 ; SAP Cloud for Customer add-ins 1908 ; SAP Cloud for Customer add-ins 1911