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2842530 - How to hide the rating number from the label on Trend Portlets?


In Trend Portlets (e.g. sysOverallPotential, sysOverallPerformance...) on People Profile, the rating options are shown with the rating score/number in the label:


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The rating score/number displayed in the label for Trend elements in People Profile, is controlled by the field "rating" in the background element definition in the XML code of your instance.

To hide this information from the label in the Portlet, it is necessary to hide the field "rating". NOTE: It is important to not remove the field definition from the XML code, as the system uses the rating score to record the rating given for users, in database, and removing the field definition may cause an application error in the portlet.

Before changing the visibility of the field "rating" in data model, it is necessary to confirm the rating labels defined for the options of the Trend element, in Admin Center > Matrix Grid Rating Scales, do not have the number/score configured with the text label:


In case the rating labels are not defined with the score/number in Admin Center, you can either go through a Configuration Change in the XML code of the instance to hide the field "rating" or you can modify the portlet configuration at Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration.

To apply the changes through the Admin Center follow the steps below:

  1. Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration;
  2. Employee Profile  > Background Elements;
  3. Select the desired Portlet Element;
  4. Change the "rating" enablement to "No";
  5. Save.

To complete tasks in Provisioning, you need to engage your Implementation Partner. In case you are no longer working with a Partner, you can request this change to be applied by Cloud Support, by opening an incident under component LOD-SF-SCM-SCR (Succession Change Request).

Partner & Support Only

  1. Go to Provisioning > Import/Export Data Model;
  2. Export the XML code of the instance;
  3. Configure the attribute visibility="none" for the field "rating" in the Trend element definition;
  4. Save the changes;
  5. Import the file in Provisioning > Import/Export Data Model.

Example of how to configure the hide attribute for the rating field in Trend elements (sysOverallPotential, sysOverallPerformance...):

<rating-field rating-name="rating" insert-rating="true" visibility="none" required="true" max-length="999" display-size="8" max-file-size-KB="1000">

If you disable the "rating" field via either of these methods, you may experience cases where Trend element imports show as successful but do not then show on the Employee Profile. In these cases, you will need to temporarily re-enable the "rating" field and then do the import. It should then be successful and show on the Employee Profile, after which you can then disable the "rating" field again until the next time an import is required.


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