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2846247 - No valuation of Balance Sheet account


Balance sheet account is not valuated in company code currency valuation area in app Perform Foreign Currency Valuation (App ID FAGL_FCV)

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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Perform Foreign Currency Valuation (APP ID FAGL_FCV)/Foreign Currency Valuation Scheduled in app Schedule General Ledger Jobs (APP ID F1927) for Balance Valuation 

  2. List Does not contain any Data on Execution of report for account in question


  1. In App Manage G/L Account Master (App ID F0731A) Only Balance in Local Currency is ticked.  This Indicates that balances are updated only in local currency when users post items to this account. If the Account Currency is the local currency, the revaluation program does not recognize the foreign currency. No valuation takes place (This principle also applies to Advanced Foreign currency Valuation).

  2. If the user subsequently removes this indicator in app Manage G/L Account Master the new postings created can be read in foreign currency and the balances in foreign currency are taken into consideration for valuation purposes.

  3. For foreign currency Valuation The cumulative balance in balance transaction currency is valuated. See KBA 2893557Valuation of Foreign Currency

  4. Test Example: 
    4.1 In app Manage G/L Account Master Data (App ID F0731A)-> For Account 10010011 Change History shows that the Manage Balances in Local Currency was changed from X to Blank on of the 01.10.2020, 09:49:01


    4.2 In App Display Line Items in General Ledger (App id F2217) 


    4.3 Note the Local Currency of the Company Code is USD. The Foreign Currency is EUR.  Journal Entries 100000000, 100000001,100001116, 100001117,100001118,100001119 were created at the point in time when the field Manage Balances Only in Local Currency was selected .

    4.4 In these cases the Balance in transaction currency is USD. 

    4.5 New journal entries with a posting date in the past or future, will have the balances in transaction currency in the foreign currency in the case of  foreign currency posting. See Journal Entries
    100000003 and 100001120

    4.6 In the case of a true reversal created after the change of the field Manage Balances Only in Local Currency The system will reverse the journal Entry with the same currencies otherwise there would be and inconsistency. See Journal Entry 100000002 which is a true reversal of journal entry 100000000

    4.7 In the Foreign currency Valuation app the Cumulative balance of account with Balance Trans. Currency EUR is valuated.


  5. Accounts managed on an open item basis are excluded from this rule. All open items in foreign currency are valuated during foreign currency valuation.

  6. Points to note: 

    If the 'Only manage balances in local currency' flag is set in app Manage G/L Account Master, the Balance Transaction Currency (RTCUR) (Amount in Balance Transaction Currency (TSL)) is equal to the company code currency in app Display Line Items in General Ledger (App ID F2217)

    If the flag 'Only manage balances in local currency' is not set then the Balance Transaction Currency (RTCUR) ((Amount in Balance Transaction Currency (TSL)) is equal to transaction currency (RWCUR) app Display Line Items in General Ledger (App ID F2217)


System behaviour is correct.

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