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2846482 - How to Create Over The Counter Sales


  • Over The Counter Sales are invoice requests with a follow up outbound processing to adjust for inventory.
  • They are used in sales scenarios which require inventory adjustments, but skip most of the sales process.
  • This Knowledge Base Article will explain the functionality of Over The Counter Sales in SAP Business ByDesign.
  • Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental


SAP Business ByDesign


  1. Pre-Requisites to use Over the Counter Sales.
    1. Scoping
      In order to use the OTC sales scenario, you will need to enable Scoping Element Sales - Customer Invoicing - Over-the-Counter Sales.
      This will enable the workcenter Over-the-Counter Sales.

    2. Inventory Site
      Over the counter sales require an adjustment to the inventory sites.
      1. Navigate to Supply Chan Design Master Data workcenter.
      2. Open the Locations view.
      3. Highlight your Location ID and click on Edit Layout.
      4. Select the Logistics Area ID you want to use for OTC sales (only one Logistics Area ID feasible per Location ID).
      5. Add Logistics Use 'Over The Counter Stock'.

  2. New Over the Counter Sale
    1. Navigate to the Over-The-Counter Sales workcenter and select new Over-the-Counter Sale view.
      You will need to enter the necessary information as in a manual invoice request, in addition to the Ship-From Location.
      The Ship From Location needs to be your adjusted Location ID with 'Over The Counter Stock' checkbox enabled.
      The Ship-To address is optional.
      Once you click on Save or Invoice an Outbound delivery will be created automatically.

    2. You can also use the Manage Over The Counter Sales Requests web service to create OTC sales.
      Further documentation on the web service can be accessed via the Service Explorer view in the Application and User Management Workcenter.

  3. Outbound Delivery
    Once the Over the Counter Sale is saved an internal message is triggered to automatically create the Outbound Delivery.
    You can directly access the outbound delivery via the Outbound Deliveries view in the Over-The-Counter Sales workcenter.
    If the Logistics Area ID is maintained correctly and sufficient stock is enabled, the Outbound delivery is automatically released.

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