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2846600 - Unable to access a candidate's job application - Recruiting Management


  • The candidate has applied, but can't find them in job requisition list.
  • Can't access the job application of a candidate through the Jobs Applied portlet, it is throwing an error: fingerprint=f55606937c4e269206b670141f125dedabc8467a
  • The Candidate count is visible on the Job Requisition Summary page but when you click on it, they are not appearing on the Candidate Summary page.
  • When you click the Candidates Tab, you are receiving an error: Fingerprint id: 0c461107708a9f7b455b3faada6d9040fda25438
  • Candidate disappeared in the pipeline but visible in the report.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the candidate's Candidate Profile
  2. Scroll down until you see the Jobs Applied portlet
  3. Click in the application you wish to look into
  4. Receive the error message


  1. Log in to Bizx
  2. Go to Recruiting Tab
  3. Click the candidate count from the Job requisition Summary page
  4. Candidates are not visible


The applicant is in an invalid status, probably moved to that status using OData API, that is not present in that job requisition. Their application is still tied to that requisition, but their application is not available to open because it is in an invalid status.


There are 2 ways how to identify the issue using reporting:

Using Integration Center

  1. Go to Admin Center >> Integration Center
  2. Click My Integrations
  3. Create Simple File Output Integration
  4. Select the following field names from the Job Application/Requisition Entity
    • Application Id
    • Job Application Status Item Id
    • Candidate Id
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Job Requisition Id
    • Application Template Id
    • Application Status Set Id

    Filter the Columns based on what information you have from your end

    Verify if the Job Application Status Item Id is present on the Application Status Set Id on Admin Center >> Edit Applicant Status Configuration

    Using table report in Report Center

    1. Create table report
    2. Select Recruiting V2 domain
    3. Select the following fields
      • Job Requisition ID
      • Application ID
      • Candidate ID
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Application Status
      • Application Status Set
    4. Filter the Report by Job Req ID
    5. In the Application status set, you will see 2 or multiple values.

    The Job Requisition is linked to 1 application template and 1 status set. If you are using API to move the candidates, you normally provide the status item ID. If the status item ID is not within the linked status set, you will get the error for this application when opening.

    To correct the issue for all future candidates that are being modified through the API, check with Implementation Partner to create/update the payload to update the status set id on the system.

    To resolve this issue for one particular candidate, you will need to move the candidate back to the correct status in the job requisition. You can do that using OData API.

    <host URL>/odata/v2/upsert


    "appStatusSetItemId": "statusID",


    "country": "US",



    "uri": "JobApplication(application=applicationID)"



    statusID: Here you will need to double check the statusID you would like to move the candidate to. You need to check what is the statusID in Edit Applicant Status Configuration:

    As per the screenshot above, you'd need to replace the part where it says 'statusID' in the payload above to the number 8. This way, it would be:

    "appStatusSetItemId": "8"

    applicationID: Here you'd need to check the applicationID of the candidate, and replace it in the payload above.

    After that, the candidate with the applicationID in question will be moved to the status selected, and the application will become available once again.

    See Also

    2541688 - Odata - How to Update and Use the Standard internal Field Status from JobApplication Entity as Filter - RCM


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