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2848201 - Error "Failed to retrieve data from the database" when refreshing a report based off Rocket U2 DB in Crystal Reports


  • Failed to add a second table to report
  • After joining two tables in Crystal Reports received the following error:

Failed to retrieve data from the database.

Details: S1000:[Rocket U2][U2ODBC][1401263]Error ID: 29

Severity: ERROR Facility: FPSRVERR - Line 1, column 206

(around "INNER"): Syntax error.


  • SAP Crystal Reports 2016
  • Rocket U2 database
  • U2 ODBC driver

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a report with two tables in Crystal Reports
  2. Join the tables
  3. Refresh the report


  • The error comes from the Rocket U2 database, because of the standard table join syntax used in the SQL Query is not supported by Rocket U2 database.

  • Incorrect driver configuration


Configure the  Rocket U2 ODBC driver to change how the Table Join are performed

  1. Open 32 bit ODBC Administrator
  2. Configure the relevant DSN
  3. Click "Options" and check "U2 ODBC as 2.0"

See Also

Page 20:

Use U2 ODBC as 2.0 – Select this option to run U2 ODBC version 2.0. By default, ODBC runs in version 3.0. Sometimes, the SQL syntax generated by Crystal Reports or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is not recognized by the UniVerse SQL engine. In those instances, users running Crystal Reports or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 will need to use U2 ODBC 2.0.


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