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2848795 - Recruiting Posting and Recruiting Management End Date


My job posting end date in Recruiting Posting does not match the end date of the job requisition in Recruiting Management > Job board status. Why?


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Reproducing the Issue

In the Job board Posting status window, the end date for the job board does not match the end date set for the job requisition.


Recruiting Posting system retrieves the end date from the external posting end date.
However, it is not possible to apply an end date that exceeds the job board publication duration. This parameter is defined by the job board and Recruiting Posting needs to respect job boards specifications.

If the Recruiting Management end date is modified after the initial posting made on the job boards, Recruiting Posting will extend the end date on the job boards up to maximum job board duration defined. Example : Linkedin standard duration is "30 Days", I post a job on LinkedIn with an end date that  expire after 15 days. 7 days after the initial posting, I modified the RCM end date up to 45 days after the original start date. In this specific case, Recruiting Posting will amend the end date up to 30 days on the job board and not 45 days otherwise it would exceed the job board publication duration. One exception apply if you have a specific contract with the job boards and you amend the contract duration in the job board configuration. In this case the actual maximum duration used by Recruiting Posting system will be the one set on the job board configuration.

Note : The standard duration of a job board is define by the job board itself, this information can be found in the Job Board Market Place or in the step 1 (Job board selection step) of the posting process by clicking on the three dots right next to the job board name.

The posting duration for job boards set up with slots is unlimited if not specified by job board or contract otherwise. Therefore, Recruiting Management end date will not be displayed if the slots pack (contract) is set up in Recruiting Posting even if the job will be unpublished as soon as RCM end date reached.

Important note: Currently, if a job is unposted and reposted without modification, Recruiting Posting system will NOT retrieve the end date. As a workaround, it is possible to retrieve the end date during a "repost" if the recruiter chooses the option to repost with modification, then Recruiting Posting system will be able to retrieve the end date correctly.

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