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2848855 - Some records are displayed in the Contacts Changes facet when no changes where applied to these fields


You are changing the account inside a contact. After the change, you realize that some fields appear in the Changes facet even though these fields did not get changed.


SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Customers work center.
  2. Go to the Contacts view.
  3. Open any contact.
  4. Change the Account.
    RESULT: You will see that the phone number, job title, e-mail address...did not change.
  5. Go to the Changes facet and click Refresh.
    RESULT: You will see that the phone number, job title, e-mail address...are displayed on the top as something had changed. However, you cannot see any change displayed in the "Value Changed To" column. The fields did not change.


Business partner relationships (including data like phone number, job title, e-mail address...) are stored in a separate BO (called BusinessPartnerRelationship).

Change documents (in general) are only written for modify and delete, but not for create (to reduce the data amount).

Contact person ABC (ABC represents the name of a contact) has a contact person relationship with account 123 (123 represents the name of the first account). If the account gets changed to 456 in the contact TI header, the following happens in the background:

1. The old relationship ABC / 123 gets deleted (including all relationship dependent data such as phone number, job title, e-mail address...). Then, the change documents are written (visible in the contacts TI / changes facet).

2. The new relationship ABC  / 456 gets created (the relationship dependent data like phone number, job title, e-mail address... of the relationship gets deleted before it gets copied to the new relationship). Hence, no change documents are written since these documents are not written for the BO create.


This is the currently the expected system behavior.

If you consider that this behavior should be changed, we would like to kindly ask you to post this request in the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer influence site:

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