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2852086 - Third Party Inter Company Scenario


This KBA provides an overview for the  Third party Inter-Company-Process within SAP Business ByDesign.


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The Third party Inter Company Process within Business ByDesign allows the setup of a sales process, where a company can sell products of another company (Partner Company). This scenario includes both companies sales process, the purchase process between both companies, and the delivery and invoicing for both companies. The system utilizes an internal web service, which was generated for this scenario to be used within one Business ByDesign System or between two Business ByDesign systems.

In order to use the Inter Company Process, you have certain Setups to make within your tenant.

The complete process looks as follows:

  • Company A: Selling Company
  • Company B: Product Owner
  • Buyer: Customer and Product Recipient
  1. Company A creates a Sales Order with the Buyer, selecting Company B as the Source of Supply.
    • This will trigger a Purchase Request from Company A to Company B.
  2. Company A processes the Purchase Request and creates a Purchase Order.
    • The Purchase Order will automatically create a Sales Order for company B.
  3. Company B updates and processes the Sales Order with the normal Outbound Delivery process and Customer Invoice.
    1. The Outbound Delivery from Company B will create a Third-Party Delivery Notification.
    2. The Customer Invoice from Company B will automatically create a Supplier Invoice for Company A.
  4. Company A releases the Third Party Delivery Notification, creating a Third Party Outbound Delivery.
  5. Finally a Customer Invoice from the Third Party Outbound Delivery is created, completing the Third Party process.

Here you can see the detailed process steps.

This process is also available in a Repair Scenario via Service Orders and for Inter Company Projects.

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