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2853820 - Rewards & Recognition - Point-Based programs


What is it?

So far, Reward and Recognition has supported Spot Award programs that have been "Currency" based.

Employees gets an award, and the award can get processed via Payroll.

Employees can accumulate points and redeem them for gift cards and experiences.

Why is it important?

Many companies use points-based programs for peer-to-peer recognition.

This feature allows companies to get more value from their Compensation license.


Customers must first speak with vendors before enabling this feature in SuccessFactors.

Once completed, the admin switch to turn on Points-based programs is under "Manage Spot Award Settings".

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SAP SuccessFactors Rewards & Recognition



Before enabling within the instance please register with a vendor through SAP Store.

Once completed, you can set up SSO and generate the required certificates. Please review Implementing and Managing Reward and Recognition - Establishing a Single Sign-On (SSO) Connection with Redemption Partner XOXODAY.


Under section "Configuring API Communications with Partners" the API calls for ODATA should be something like "".

Enabling point-based programs - SuccessFactors

To enable this type of program, go to Admin Center> Compensation> Rewards & Recognition.

From this page you will see the following options.

R&R options.png

Select the "Manage Spot Award Setting" tile and you see an option to enable points.

enable point based programs.png

Tick this option, the page will refresh, and you will be presented with the following set of options.

A breakdown of the available options are as follows:

Conversion table

This is the conversion table used within SuccessFactors vs the number of points you give an employee.

point based conversion.png

For example, if we have a conversion of 0.59 and give 100 points to an employee in the UK the value would be 59 per the conversion.

Ensure that you upload/import your points to currency conversion rate table because without this, after you submit a nomination, a "System Error Occured." error will be encountered.

Currency Configuration

Here you can define the currency and pay component options for points

For information on how point to currency is converted please see 3102327 - Rewards & Recognition - Points to currency conversions

Setting up point-based programs

Once point-based programs have been enabled this will become an option for selection when creating new programs.

Select "Manage Programs" and create a new one.

Under the "Program Type" you can now select points.

rnr program type points.png

The only change would be within the guidelines section and Categories/Levels where you will now have the option of uploading images for each category/level as well as descriptions.

This is available within ALL program types and not just point-based programs.

Image should be 3MB and 90x90 pixels.

You will also have the option to have each Category, Level and Description translatable.

Should you have a language which does NOT have a label or description, the default instance language will be used.

For guidelines, with non-point programs the GUIDELINE_CURRENCY_CODE column would be populated with a valid currency code.

While using points, this column will need to be populated with "points" rather than any currency codes. For example:

point based guidelines.png

Redemption options

This is controlled by permissions under Miscellaneous Permissions> RedemptionOption and select options view, edit & import/export.

redemption options permissions.png

The redemption options tile is where you can create redemption options for your employee's.

manage redemption options.png

Selecting this will take you to a page where options can be added.

The configuration for these looks as follows:

new redemption option.png

The following is a breakdown of each option:

  • Tile Name
    This is the label of the tile which will be seen by end users.
  • Description
    A description for the tile if required.
  • Image
    This option allows you to upload an image with a specific ratio (60x60). This will be seen by end users.

For end users to see the images of any redemption option please assign the following permissions via RBP in "Manage Integration Tools".
> OData API Attachment Import
> OData API Attachment Export

Additionally, ensure the end user have "View" permission to the RedemptionOption object within RBP> Miscellaneous Permissions.
Should these not be assigned, then the redemption option image will not populate.

  • Partner
    Select your required partner from the drop-down menu.

    Note: Before creating multiple wallets, contact your redemption partner. There may be additional configuration or restrictions required by each redemption partner.

  • Dynamic Group
    This will be a group of employee's you define who are able to VIEW this redemption option.
    Should an employee have point's but not be part of a redemption options dynamic group, they will not be able to use them.

Please ensure the Admin user who is creating dynamic groups has "Manage Employee Dynamic Groups" selected in RBP under "Manage User".
Without this, when selecting "Manage Employee Groups" you will get an error message which relates to missing permissions.

  • URL
    This is the URL used to access the partners website.

Nominating awards/User Balance

The nomination workflow remains the same across all program types.

The only addition here would be to ensure permissions for redemption options.

For a user to use their points they will need to be within a dynamic group of a redemption option as mentioned in the previous section.

For employees to access their points they can select the redeem tile from the main Rewards & Recognition Home page.

rnr redeem points.png

For users to see their balance they will need RBP to "View" for object "Spot Award User Balance".

spot award user balance.png

Once points are spent within the vendors website (XOXODAY/BlackHawk), the employee's balance will be updated within SuccessFactors.


For an employee to successfully access xoxoday via the redemption tile in Rewards & Recognition, the following RBP will be required on self.

Employee Data

  • First, Last Name
  • Manager
  • Country
  • Phone Number
  • Status
  • Email

Manage User

  • Employee Export

General Permissions

  • User Search

Should the logged in user not have these permissions, they may encounter the following error when selecting a redemption option.


Note: The Employee Export permission causes the User Search permission and Employee Data permission to be ignored. If a user is not in the target group of Employee Export, but is in the target group of User Search, the user is still not viewable. If Employee Export permission is not configured, check Employee Data permission and User Search permission.

Additional Information

  • You will notice when viewing point awards, within "My Awards History" there will still be a column for Amount (Local Currency) when there are points.

my award points history.png

  • This is current design with no plans to change at this time.
  • Recipients will always see points in local currency as third-party vendors expect points to be in a local currency per their design.
  • Users will see points until the award has been completed. Once approved, it is changed to the equivalent currency.

Current Partners (xoxoday / blackhawk) leverage SuccessFactors API’s (User & Reward Balance) to fetch the following which are required to maintain on their end (subject to any GDPR compliance needs).

  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Country
  • Awards Balance
  • Currency

Once a redemption is triggered from the external portal, they will send the transaction log to SuccessFactors (via SF Redemption API) containing the details of the transaction.

SuccessFactors Redemption API will then adjust the users reward balance accordingly.


If there are issues on the XOXODAY/BlackHawk website or any future vendor sites, who do you contact?
Any issues on the sites will need to be managed by the vendor themselves and not SuccessFactors.

Issues with billing/invoicing from vendors go through who?
The vendor and not SuccessFactors.

There are SMS verifications sent from vendors. Should these not be received, who do customers contact?
The vendor and not SuccessFactors.

Can employees view the Category/Level images from Received awards?
Not at the moment. These will appear while nominating employees. Please create an enhancement request.

Can redemption options you have previously created be deleted?

Yes, this can be done through Manage Data and search for Redemption Options

Can we redeem points via the SuccessFactors mobile application?

No, this is currently a limitation and redemption of points can only be done via desktop.

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