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2856805 - Cannot create additional currency, error messages are displayed


In the SSCUI 103379 - Define Currency Settings for Ledgers and Company Codes configuration step, you are about to create an additional currency (called "Freely Defined Currency" in the system), for example to be used as functional currency, and want to configure an existing company code for this new currency.

One or more of the following error messages occur:

  • FINS_ACDOC_CUST484: You can't make currency type changes; postings exist in company code [...].
  • FINS_ACDOC_CUST487: Change not possible; there's already a plant assigned to company code [...].
  • FML_CUST067: You can't make crcy type changes; ML postings exist in company code [...].
  • FML_CUST068: You can't make crcy type changes; actl costg postgs exist in CoCode [...].
  • FML_CUST069: You can't make currency type changes; ML master data exist in CoCode &1.




  • With SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1911, the Define Currency Settings for Ledgers and Company Codes configuration step, will only allow configuration for company codes without existing postings or plant assignments in the Q and P system.
  • You get an error if you try to configure a company code for an additional currency with existing postings, because you can’t delete postings from a company code.


You can only add new currency types for a company code that has not been used yet.

This means that you can only add an additional currency for a company code if the following conditions are true in both your quality (Q) and production (P) systems :

  • No journal entries have been posted for the company code.
  • If actual costing is active: No changes have been made to the accounting attributes of materials that are relevant for actual costing (price determination = 3) in the company code.
  • No plants assigned to the company code.

Otherwise, a check blocks currency configuration changes.
You can’t make any changes to the SAP standard currency types Document Currency (00) and Company Code Currency (10). You specify the company code currency (and your group currency) when setting up your system.

For more information on the detailed steps, see How to Create Additional Currency Types

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