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2857042 - 1911 - Q4 Recruiting Release information FAQ


This Knowledge Base Article provides information on all major recruiting functionalities coming up in 1911 Release.


  • SAP Successfactors HXM Suite
  • SAP Successfactors Recruiting Management (RCM)
  • SAP Successfactors Recruiting Marketing (RMK)
  • SAP Successfactors Recruiting Posting (RPO)


Product Documentation

The following documentation can be also found on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, quick links to the "What's New" section in each document can be found below for the latest release.

In addition, the new Recruiting guide is available in our help portal and it covers everything you need to configure SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. It includes administration and implementation content for all three Recruiting modules-- Recruiting Management (RCM), Recruiting Marketing (RMK), and Recruiting Posting -- as well as content for important features Candidate Relationship Management and Career Site Builder. By bringing all Recruiting content into one place, we hope it's easier for you to find the information you need. SAP will continue to make updates and improvements over the coming weeks, until after the Q4 2019 Production release. Check back regularly to make sure you're using the latest version.

You can find the latest version on the SAP Help Portal here:

Module Specific Enhancements and Features 





Additional Information

LOD-SF-RCM-JOB RCM-68295 Admin Opt-in

You can now define business rules for job applications so that you can automate standard and customized fields as default values when a job application is created.


2860149 - Business Rules for Offer Approval and Offer Letter - Recruiting Management


RCM-67566 Admin Opt-in Recruiting users can now configure assessments in a job requisition through OData. All possible OData operations for assessments like Create, Update, Get, Insert and Delete Operations for a job requisition are possible. This helps to create, insert, update, and delete assessments for different statuses of the job requisition.


2863929 - Exposing Assessment details via Job Requisition ODATA API - Recruiting Management

LOD-SF-RCM-JOB RCM-67494 Admin Opt-in Recruiting admin users can now choose to display the Create New option in the Job Requisitions details page by unchecking all three job requisition hide permissions in Recruiting Permissions.
LOD-SF-RCM-CAN RCM-67371 Admin Opt-in The duplicate candidate check has been enhanced to ensure external candidate profiles with the same country code and phone number cannot be created. The duplicate candidate check is implemented irrespective of whether the Recruiting Marketing (mobile apply and non-mobile apply) is enabled or disabled. This applies to the External Career Site, Recruiter view, and Agency view. The duplicate candidate accounts created before the Q4 2019 release will remain the same and will not be considered.
LOD-SF-RCM-CAN RCM-66975 Admin Opt-in You can now search for candidates based on the status of the Data Privacy Consent Statement (DPCS) acceptance. The internal or external candidate appears in the candidate search results only if the candidate has accepted at least one version of the DPCS. The DPCS compliance search functionality is available in Admin Center, Manage Recruiting Settings page only when DPCS 2.0 is enabled.
LOD-SF-RCM-JOB RCM-64261 Admin Opt-in The new Multistage Preview page displays a list of incorrectly configured fields. The preview page provides configuration details that's causing fields to be hidden for multistage applications.


2863384 - Multistage and Late Stage Application Preview Tool - Recruiting Management

LOD-SF-RCM-JOB RCM-63959 Admin Opt-in Starting from Q4 1029, a new job requisition type "Evergreen" is introduced in Recruiting to cater to positions that need a large number of eligible candidates or those that take long to fill. As a result, the requisitions need to post for a longer duration. An Evergreen requisition allows you to collect a pool of potential candidates.


2860174 - Can Evergreen requisition work with Position Management?

2859990 - How can I report on Evergreen and Child Requisitions

2858683 - How to configure the Evergreen Job Requisitions

2858914 - Common Questions about Linking Requisitions to Evergreen Requisitions

2859581 - When adding a child requisitions to an Evergreen requisition the Pop window stays up

2860163 - Parent Id and Job Req Type fields appear on top of the Job Requisition Page

2858956 - Evergreen Label is not obeying the XML template

2860068 - Job Requisition Filter Defaults to Standard

LOD-SF-RCM-JOB RCM-60040 Admin Opt-in Quick Apply option in a job requisition template allows recruiting users with the ability to identify specific requisitions for "quick apply" which allows candidates to complete an application in the fewest steps possible and without needing to fill out a full profile. It is a standard field that must be defined in the template. All properties of standard fields are applicable to this field. Quick Apply field label appears as a switch that can be enabled or disabled from a job requisition application.


2859372 - How to enable Quick Apply

LOD-SF-RCM-CAN RCM-46032 Admin Opt-in In Candidate Account Simplification (CAS) enabled instances, you can send email verifications to candidates when the candidate creates an account from an external career site. Starting from Q4 2019, the option "Enable e-mail Verification for Career Site" will be removed from Provisioning. Instead, use the Career Site E-Mail Notification" option in the Admin Center to send the verification emails in the CAS enabled instances. If you have enabled the "Career Site E-Mail Notification" option previously, it will be enabled by default post Q4 2019.
RCM-27556 Admin Opt-in The Hide Careers Tab for Proxy User is new role-based target permission that prevents one user from being able to view the Careers tab and tile that another user has permissioned access when proxying as that person.
RCM-68281 Universal Previously, when a candidate from one of the German domains was replying to an e-mail from the recruiter, the reply wasn’t getting displayed in Message Center. Now, this issue has been resolved and recruiters are receiving e-mails with proper alignment from major German domains in Message Center.
RCM-67930 Universal During an instance refresh, do not copy the LinkedIn integration configuration data from production to preview instances as the data is company-specific. Ensure to do the LinkedIn integration from scratch in a target instance.
RCM-67471 Universal Message Center has been enhanced with a new filter, Deleted Only, that allows recruiting users to move their conversations to the Deleted Only category to enhance their experience of categorizing and searching their e-mails and conversations. They can restore these conversations back to their original folders, and also delete them permanently. Previously, only archiving conversations was possible.
RCM-67385 Universal Starting from Q4 2019, the search widget is enhanced to provide autocomplete with additional employment information. The autocomplete search provides search suggestions, and the advanced people search lets you view multiple employments information for a user by name or user ID. The search results are Role-Based Permissions to provide information on a need-to-know basis. KBA: 2864102 
RCM-66784 Universal When using Candidate Workbench, you can customize display options to freeze the first column that contains candidate names or the table header. You can also add new fields to appear in filter options.
RCM-66635 Universal Candidates can now see scheduled interview time with time zone on Candidate Portal (Internal & External). All the interview screens now display the interview time along with the time zone. This is done to eliminate an issue where if the candidate is traveling, or if they are using a VPN connection, the time gets converted to a time zone that is not the intended one, and this leads to the candidate missing the interview.
RCM-65781 Universal When using a new Recruiting instance where no default language is set, the recruiting users will now see a message asking them to make sure they have a language checked in Manage Recruiting Languages of Admin Center. This will also prevent any issues when they are editing the application status configurations.
RCM-61407 Universal Recruiting users can now use tokens to display interview date and time in e-mails and SMSes that are sent to candidates and interviewers for booked interviews. Previously, this was supported only for e-mails.
RCM-61403 Universal Recruiters now receive e-mail notifications when candidates are being referred by an internal employee and the candidates are in Forwarded status. Previously, the recruiters weren’t getting notified of the candidate referral and their status change, in spite of having a configured status e-mail.
LOD-SF-RMK-CSB RMK-20319  Admin Opt-in You can now enable Google Job Map to display a message that points users to the Job Search page, where they can search for jobs in a way that is accessible to screen readers.


2863971 - Customizing the Google Job Map - Recruiting Marketing


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