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2857386 - Migrated Discount List is Missing


Your requirement is to migrate the Discount List (Gross) using the migration tool. You migrated the Discount List with Type 8PL1 / 8PL2 / 8PL3 / 8PL4 successfully, but the Discount List is not displayed in the Discount List (Gross) view.


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Reproducing the Issue

To migrate the Discount List:

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center
  2. Select Implementation Projects view or Overview
  3. Search and Open the activity Migration of Discount Lists
  4. Select Migrate discount lists using the migration tool
  5. Select You Can Also at the top right corner of the screen and Download Migration Template
  6. Fill the required and the mandatory fields in the migration file
  7. Upload the Migration File
  8. Execute Migration for the respective Migration File with Migration Mode Add new records
  9. Migration is successful

To check the uploaded Discount List:

  1. Go to Product and Service Portfolio workcenter
  2. Go to Pricing (Gross) view
  3. Go to Discount Lists (Gross) view
  4. Choose the required drop-down option
  5. No records found


You previously created a Discount List XYZ (where XYZ represents the Discount List ID) in the system of Discount List Type 7PL1 / 7PL2 / 7PL3 / 7PL4 which means Net Discount List and not Gross Discount List. Thereafter, you newly migrated the Discount List with Discount List Type 8PL1 / 8PL2 / 8PL3 / 8PL4 to add new items to Discount List XYZ.

The system creates a new Gross Discount List if a Discount List with the same name did not already exist in the system. Since Discount List of name XYZ already existed, all the data was successfully migrated to Items tab of the existing Discount List of that name XYZ. This can be verified in Discounts view in Product and Service Portfolio work center using the below steps:

  1. Go to Product and Service Portfolio workcenter
  2. Go to Pricing view
  3. Go to Discounts sub-view
  4. Choose the required drop-down option

You are able to see the newly migrated Discount List ID XYZ


If the uploaded Discount List is incorrect, you may unrelease or modify the uploaded Discount List to invalid. The system supports the migration of Gross Discount Lists but not of same name as Net Discount List. Use the appropriate Discount List ID and proceed with the migration activity.


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