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2857652 - Migrate Your Data - Warning 'The current valid version of &1 is not released' (QP480)


While migrating object 'QM - Master inspection characteristic' in cloud environment using 'Migrate Your Data', the simulation returns notification:

  • 'The current valid version of &1 is not released' (QP480).

Details of the message:

"Short Text
The current valid version of &1 is not released

You have assigned an historic version (version was changed with history in the meantime), although the current version is not released."


  • SAP Quality Management (QM)
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open app 'Manage Your Solution'.
  2. Click 'Migrate Your Data'.
  3. Click the affected migration project.
  4. Click migration object 'QM - Master inspection characteristic'.
  5. Click 'Start Transfer' with relevant XML file.
  6. Do steps 'Validate Data' and 'Convert Values'.
  7. After step 'Simulate Import', following warning message is returned:
    'The current valid version of &1 is not released' (QP480).


'Valid-From Date' of the 'Inspection characteristic master' to be created is earlier than the 'Valid-From Date' of the 'Inspection method master record'. That is QMTB-GUELTIGAB is greater than S_QPMK-GUELTIGAB (S_QPMK = 'Master Insp. Char. Basic Data' in the XML file).

It means that during the data migration an inspection method is assigned to the characteristic and the method is not valid (released) yet for the characteristic, but only in a future date (compared to the valid-from date of the characteristic).

Remark: the status of the inspection method - for example '2  Released' (QMTB-LOEKZ) - doesn't play a role here, as it is about the validity dates.

Example: inspection method is valid from 2019.01.20., but the characteristic is already valid from 2019.01.01. In this case, system notifies the user with warning QP480 that the method is not valid in the complete validity period of the characteristic, only after 2019.01.20.


Technical condition: QMTB-GUELTIGAB is less or equal S_QPMK-GUELTIGAB. Therefore, possible solutions:

  • assign an inspection method to the characteristic, where the inspection method has earlier (or same) valid-from date than (as) the characteristic;
  • adjust the characteristic valid-from date in the migration XML file (S_QPMK-GUELTIGAB, tab 'Master Insp. Char. Basic Data') to a value, which is later than the inspection method valid-from date.


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