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2858914 - Common Questions about Linking Requisitions to Evergreen Requisitions


  • Is it possible to link Evergreen Requisitions to other Evergreen Requisitions?
  • Is it possible to link one Child Requisition to multiple Evergreen Requisition?
  • Is it possible to link pre-approved requisitions to Evergreen requisitions?
  • Can you link a child requisition to an Evergreen requisition that uses a different template?
  • Can you close a child requisition that is still linked to an Evergreen requisition?
  • Do you have to unlink a Child requisition from the Parent requisition first before adding the child to a new evergreen requisition. 


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  • Evergreen Requisitions can only be linked to standard requisitions. Once a standard job requisition is linked to an Evergreen requisitions it becomes a "Child of Evergreen" requisition.
  • It is not possible to link one child requisition to multiple Evergreen requisitions. Evergreen requisitions can however have multiple child requisitions linked to it. There is no limit to how many child requisitions one Evergreen requisition can have.
  • You can only link approved standard requisitions to Evergreen requisitions, its not possible to link pre-approved, closed or deleted requisitions to Evergreen requisitions.
  • Yes, the evergreen and child requisitions do not have to use the same XML template.
  • Yes, you can close a child requisition while its still linked an evergreen requisition. The status of the child requisition will appear as closed on the evergreen requisition.
  • Yes, to link a child requisition to another parent requisition you will first have to break the link with the current parent requisition by using the option Unlink. Once the child has been unlinked you will now be able to link this to another evergreen requisition. 


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