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2859675 - Manage Automatic Payments app does not select documents


When you execute a payment run in app Manage Automatic Payments (App ID F0770), the system does not select documents and the documents are not displayed in the Application Log.

In App Manage Customer Line Items (App ID F0711)/ Manage Supplier Line Items (App ID F0712) other items which you expect to be in payment are not selected.

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Possible reasons:

  1. The Customer/Supplier Document creation date (not the posting date!) of document must be on or before the date you have entered in the "Docs entered up to" field in app Manage Automatic Payments. 


    The Document creation date can be seen in app Manage Journal Entries (App ID F0717) See Field Created


  2. Special G/L transactions are only selected, if they have been entered in Customzing as special G/L transactions to be paid:

    Manage Your Solution -> Configure Your Solution -> Application Area: Finance -> Sub Application Area: Accounts Payable -> Item Name: Automatic Payments -> Step Name Set Up All Company Codes for Payment Transactions ID 101293

  3. Read the field Customer Items Due By if this field has been maintained in the parameters of the payment run.

  4. If this is no bill of exchange that is due immediately and if no invoice reference is concerned, invoices or credit memos must meet the criteria listed below to be included in a payment run in the first place.

    The used field descriptions have the following meaning:

    XDATUM = baseline date + day 1 of cash discount terms
    XFDEBI = F110V-FDEBI  "Customer Items Due By" if this field has been specified for the payment run, or F110C-BUDAT (Posting date in the document) if F110V-FDEBI has not been specified.
    NEDAT = Next Payment Date

    Customer invoice: XFDEBI >= XDATUM.

    Customer credit memo: NEDAT > baseline date or XFDEBI >= baseline date

    Vendor invoice: NEDAT > XDATUM

    Vendor credit memo: Payment run posting date >= baseline date.

  5. In Manage Automatic Payment Parameters, Free Selection: G/L Account (BSEG-HKONT) The account number must be filled as 10 digits, add zeros to make it 10 digits, for example instead of 21100000 enter 0021100000

  6. In Manage Automatic Payment Parameters, Free Selection: Document Number (BKPF-BELNR) You forget the leading zeros, for example, when you enter the document number or the contract number:
    The system only selects a document with document number '123456789' if you enter '0123456789' in the dynamic selections.

  7. Items are already cleared. Check the Clearing status in App Manage Supplier Line Items/Manage Customer Line Items.

  8. For documents created with payment method SEPA and BOE  See scope item 1WQ
    In App Post Bills of Exchange Presentation Document - Spain (Technical Name FIARSEPA_BOE (TCODE)

    Create Variants for the posting of bills of exchange declaration document using the following name of variants:
    • Collection
    • Discounting
    • Forfaiting

    (note you cannot call variants by other name than those listed above)

    Each variant should have defined at least:

    • B/Exchange Usage
    • Document Type
    For more information about the Post Bills of Exchange app, choose More > Program Documentation on the app screen.

  9. Supplier/Customer already contained in another proposal. Read Job Log, Select Payment Proposal, View Log 

    Example error "Vendor & & is contained in proposal & & ; no editing"


    Customer/vendor items cannot be contained in several payment proposals at the same time. This restriction ensures that items are not paid twice.

    System Response

    The account is not processed.


    Special measures are not necessary.

    It is not possible to have the same Supplier/Customer in multiple proposals

  10. In 'Manage Automatic Payment', only support 100 digitals in free selection. 


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