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2860276 - Product Profitability and other relevant report doesn't show correct value


You use Apps below to display values. You find some values for specific accounts are with zero value, or some key figures (for example, Product Sold Group) are missing.

Product Profitability

Project Profitability

Market Segments - Actuals (Cloud)

Market Segments - Plan/Actuals (Cloud)

Product and Service Margins




There are several points could be considered, please check in Resolution part.


  1. Financial Statement Versions (FSV) needs to be set correctly. (find more information in Note 2799100)
  2. Semantic Tags need to be set correctly. (find more information in Note 2799100). You can also check the instruction in Test Script for Scope Item 4GQ.
  3. App F1478 "Replicate Runtime Hierarchy" needs to be run to get that set up correctly populated in your system.
  4. For accounts you didn't make any customizing in FSV/Semantic Tag, if there are already postings, the accounts still will be shown in the reports, however, the value will be 0.
  5. Some key figures are hidden by default. You need to open the Measures tree, right click the item and press "Add Measure to Display" to show them in the reports.
  6. Maybe the sum values add up to zero. For example, if you release the Journal Entry field, the report will show the detailed items.
  7. It's possible in the Financial Statement Versions (FSV) configuration (SSCUI 102669), the flag "Fun.Area Perm." is selected. Under this condition, the postings with Functional Area can't be shown in this report. So to have the report show the correct value, you need to make sure the flag "Fun.Area Perm." is off for your FSV. If you need Functional Area nodes, it's suggested that you create a dedicated FSV for Functional Areas.
  8. Check the help portal documentation for more information.
    "Line items will only be included in the calculation if the journal entry is assigned to a profitability segment and the <Product Sold> field is filled."
  9. The Object Type (ACDOCA-ACCASTY) should be "PSG(EO)" for the relevant journal entry. It means the sales order is not make-to-order scenario. You can check this via Display Sales Order - Procurement tab - Requirement Type. With requirement type MSR, the account assignment category is "SDI(VB)", which means the account assignment is Sales Order, rather than Profitability Segment.



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