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2861904 - Pension Payout - How to Implement and How to Use


How to set up Pension Payout in SuccessFactors Employee Central?

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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central


How to implement the functionality Pension Payout?

  1. Permission for 'Manage Employee Central Settings' should be granted under Manage Permission Role > Permission Role > Administrator Permissions > Manage System Properties > Select 'Employee Central Feature Settings'
  2. Enable Pension Payouts under Admin Center > Manage Employee Central Settings > Pension Payout
  3. Grant all the Pension Payout specific user permissions;

    Go to Manage Permission Role > Permission Role > User Permissions > Employee Data > HR Information section > Pension Payout Details. Then provide field-level permissions under User Permissions > Employee Data > Search for Pension Payouts Details > Check all the field boxes.
  4. Go to the Employee Profile > Click on 'Action' and make sure that 'Add: Pension Payout Details' is displayed.
  5. Create Event Reasons like Start Pension Payout and End Pension Payout under Admin Center > Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures > Create new Event Reason;
    For Start Pension Payout select event as 'Start Pension Payout' and Employee Status as 'Retired'
    For End Pension Payout select event as 'End Pension Payout' and Employee Status as 'Retired'.
  6. Create Pension Payout Portlet for Employee Profile
    Go to Configure People Profile>Add New Section as Pension Payout>Drag and Drop the standard Pension Payout Element in to the block under Pension Payout.
  7. Grant Permission to the user under Manage Permission Role > Permission Role > Employee Views > Check the box 'Pension Payout'
  8. You can manage the fields for the Pension Payout Element under Manage Business Configuration>Employee Central > HRIS Elements > pensionPayoutsInfo
  9. You import Pension Payout data under Admin Center > Import Employee Data.

How to use the feature?

  1. Go to the Employee Profile for whom you want to create Pension Payout > Click on 'Add: Pension Payout Details' is displayed under 'Action'.
  2. Enter all the details in screen 'Add Pension Payout Details for XYZ' and click on 'Continue'
    Note: End Date in the screen refers to Planned End Date (Not the Actual End Date)

    Add Pension Payout Screen1.png
  3. New Screen will pop-up similar to Global Assignment with sections like Pension Payout Details > Pension Payout Details Information (Sub Sections: Position Info > Organisation Info > Job Info > Time Info > EEO Info) > Relationships > Compensation Information (Sub-Sections: Compensation Info > Compensation > Recurring Payments and Deductions.

    Enter all the required details in the respective sections and click on 'Submit' at the bottom of the screen.
  4. After clicking on the Submit, you can see the Employee Profile with the profile switch enabled to switch between profiles.

    If you swtich to the 'Pension Payout' profile, you will notice the Pension Payout Portlet which we created. (By default Pension Payout will be displayed only in the Pension Payout Profile not in the other Employment Profile).

    Pension Payout Employee Profile Screen.png
  5. Scroll to the Job Information section and click on history, you will find only 'Start Pension Payout' record with status as 'Retired' which is as per the standard design logic. End Pension Payout record will be created automatically by system only after capturing the Actual End Date for the employee.
  6. To view the Planned End Date and Pension Provider details, scroll to the Pension Payout portlet.

    Pension Payout Details Portlet Screen1.JPG
  7. If you want to End the Pension Payout for the Employee, then you need to go to Employee Profile > Action > Manage Global Assignment (Internally we have communicated to the product team for amending this label as 'Manage Pension Payout')

    End Pension Payout Action.png
  8. After clicking on Manage Pension Payout, a new screen will pop-up with the End option click on that and then select Event Reason 'End Pension Payout' which was created in the previous steps.

    Fill Actual End Date (This will be the effective date of the 'End Pension Payout' record in the Job history) and Payroll End date.

    End Option_End Pension Payout.JPG

    End Pension Payout_Manage Pension Payout_Final.png

  9. After clicking on Save in Manage Pension Payout screen, you will see End Pension Payout Record created in the Employee Job history and Pension Payout Portlet.

    End Pension Payout Record Job History.png

    End Pension Payout_Pension Payout Portlet.png

Note: Please note that if a Pension Payout with start date in the future needs to be ended before it begins, the start date must be made effective from 'today' or a previous date. If you attempt to End a Pension Payout before it starts, the profile its attached to will have no active employment data and thus an application error will be encountered.

If being able to do this is a business requirement, then please open an enhancement request via 'Idea Exchange'. For assistance in submitting the request please see: 2090228

Support Engineers please see internal memo.

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