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2862379 - How To Work With Invoice Runs


Invoices are created, either manually or as part of an invoice run, for the delivery of products or the provision of services and are used for charging customers. They result from predecessor documents such as sales orders, service orders, and service confirmations. It is also possible to create manual invoicing documents such as manual invoice, credit memo, and down payment requests without reference to preceding business transaction documents outside Customer Invoicing.

Regarding Scheduled Invoice Requests, every night, a regular job automatically runs and checks the invoice dates. Per default the horizon taken into consideration is three days before the invoice date. This job creates scheduled invoice requests for the scheduled invoice dates. This is also a run in the system.


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There's no previous configuration on Scoping Questions or Activities.

How to create an Invoice Run:

  1. Go to the Customer Invoicing work center.
  2. Go to the Invoice Runs view.
  3. Click on New button, then, Invoice Run.
  4. Under General Data, enter the general data used to identify the invoice run.
  5. In the Run ID field enter the run ID.
  6. In the Run Description filed enter the run description.
  7. Under Split By, you can select how the invoice documents shall be split up.
  8. Under Invoice Properties, you can define how the invoice documents shall be processed.
  9. Enter the Invoice Date Offset to calculate the dates for your invoice documents.
  10. Select the Automatic Release checkbox to automatically release the invoice document to financials.
  11. Under Selection Criteria, you can set a Date Offset and filter for Accounts, Sellers, and Preceding Documents by using search patterns.
  12. Click on Save button.
  13. To activate the invoice run, click Actions and select Set To Active.
  14. Under Execution Details, you can view the invoices created and the exceptions generated in an invoice run.

In the Invoice Runs view of the Customer Invoicing work center you can monitor the status of invoice runs and where required start a run before the scheduled time. 
The job log accurately records the transactions that occurred during an invoice run and you can use the job log to track the invoices that were created.

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