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2863002 - Billing of batch split items - SAP S/4HANA Cloud


  • When an invoice is created for an outbound delivery containing batch split items, the invoice contains all items present within the delivery.
  • When an invoice is created for an outboud delivery containing batch split items, the invoice contains several items:
    • One item with a net value and a billed quantity, and
    • Several items with a net value and a quantity of zero.
  • You want to remove batch split items from the billing document and keep only the main item.


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It is the standard billing process for batch split items to bill the batch main item and display the batch subitems. Therefore, by default, the subitems don't carry net values or quantities.


With the Flexible Billing of Batch Items functionality, you can configure two variants for billing batch split items:

  • Variant A: bill the batch main items and display the batch subitems
  • Variant B: display the batch main items and bill the batch subitems

Please note that billing of the batch main item without a batch subitem is not possible in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2308. Please consider 2963059 - How to Submit Feature Requests for SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Product and 2807810 - What is Support issue – What is Feature Request: Cloud Solutions.

If the sub-items are negatively affecting the printout of the invoice, the recommendation is to eliminate them from the printout. The standard form template prints all the batch split items. If this does not fulfill your business requirements, please consider creating a custom form template by adapting the pre-delivered one.
A possible workaround could be to configure Variant A of Flexible Billing of Batch Items and remove the subitems from the output via scripting in your custom form.

Please review the documentation in the 'See Also' section for more information on configuration of flexible billing of batch items and creation of custom form templates.

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