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2868075 - Error When Changing G/L Account Posting Block: No postings allowed


You are trying to set posting block as 3 - No postings allowed for a specific G/L Account, however some error messages are raised.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to General Ledger work center.
  2. Go to General Ledger Accounts view.
  3. Find the respective G/L Account and click Edit > Chart of Accounts.
  4. Change the G/L Account Posting Block to 3 - No postings allowed.
  5. Click Save.

The system raises errors as follows:

  • 'Value <G/L Account ID> in setting Accounts Receivable Payable Ledger Business Partner must also be entered in setting Permitted G/L Accounts by Account Type and Posting.'
  • 'Value <G/L Account ID> in setting Accounts Receivable: Receivables must also be entered in setting Permitted G/L Accounts by Account Type and Posting.'
  • 'Error for Account <G/L Account ID> in Chart of Accounts <CoD ID> and acct det. profile <Account Determination Profile ID>'
  • 'A/c <G/L Account ID> used in a/c det; "No postings allowed" not possible'
  1. You follow the steps of KBA 2316367 and know that the errors are raised since this G/L Account is still mapped in the account determination of one of the subledger.
  2. Click Where-Used list to find where is the account being used.

You see that the account is used under Account determination path: Accounts Receivable: Receivables -> Receivables from Bill of Exchange - Unpaid

  1. You go to the above account determination path, however under Receivables subledger you do not find the column related to Receivables from Bill of Exchange - Unpaid. You only see the column Receivables from Bill of Exchange, which is already empty.


The column Receivables from Bill of Exchange - Unpaid is currently not visible since is country-dependant, hence it only becomes available once country Spain is assigned to the profile.


  1. Go to Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to Implementation Projects view.
  3. Open the activity list.
  4. Open activity Charts of Accounts, Financial Reporting Structures, Account Determination.
  5. Under Account Determination, click Accounts Receivables subledger.
  6. On the screen that opens, click Assign Countries to Profile.
  7. Add country Spain.

Once the country is added, column Receivables from Bill of Exchange - Unpaid becomes visible in the account determination and you're able to remove the G/L Account from the column. Once you save the changes, you shall be able to change the posting block of the related G/L Account.

See Also

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