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2868559 - Find changes to Business Roles after a Cloud Upgrade


How can a customer identify all of the changes made to the catalogs and restrictions assigned to Business Roles as part of an upgrade to S/4HANA Cloud




  • Starting with S/4HANA Cloud 1911, a new app has been added which can generate a report of all Business Catalog and Restriction changes made to Business Roles as a result of the upgrade
  • The app Display Business Role Changes after Upgrade is available for this operation but it is only available in Q systems
  • The app is not displayed by default
  • To "activate" (pin) the app, follow these steps:
    1. Launch App Finder by clicking the "Me Icon" 2868559 - Me Icon.PNG in the upper right corner of the page and selecting App Finder from the resulting dropdown menu
      2868559 - App Finder.PNG
    2. Click on the group "Identity and Access Management (Obsolete)" or "Search in Catalog" for "Display Business Role Changes"
    3. In the tile "Display Business Role Changes after Upgrade", click on the "pin" icon
      2868559 - App Finder Tile.PNG
    4. Select the group where you wish to pin the tile to pin the tile "Display Business Role Changes after Upgrade"
      2868559 - Pin.PNG
  • The app will allow you to select a specific role or roles for which to show changes
  • If no roles are selected, all roles will be checked but for large number of roles, this could take some time and the resulting list could be unmanageable
  • Please only use this app for upgrade support and only in your Q system

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