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2870505 - Boomi Connectors Best Practices


You are requesting additional Boomi connectors having already previously been granted extra.


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Boomi Atomsphere accounts for SuccessFactors EmployeeCentral(EC) customers are initially set up with default connectors; If customer has EC module, by default 12 standard connectors would be provided.

If customer has already been granted additional and are requesting more - best practices on Boomi Connectores should first be adhered to.


Before requesting additional Boomi Connectors, please follow these best practices first:

• Reuse connection components! Look to reference an existing connection within your account before creating a new one. This will reduce confusion and simplify maintenance in addition to minimizing connection usage.

• To help with reuse, as best practice organize and consolidate all connection components into a single common folder within the Build console. You may wish to restrict access to this folder to administrators or super-users.

• As part of your process deployment procedure, confirm only “official” connections (those residing in the common folder) are referenced in the to-be-deployed process. Use Compare Deployment to compare the list of components in the to-be-deployed process version to the previously deployed version to determine if any new connections have been introduced by accident.

• Use environment extensions instead of having separate connections for each environment, such as sandbox vs. production.

• Sometimes separate connections are required while developing and testing in Test Mode, requiring you to configure connection values directly vs. extensions. In these situations create a separate connection but be sure to replace with the “official” connection before deploying. Adopt a naming convention to avoid confusion (e.g. “Database ABC DEV DO NOT DEPLOY”).

• Understand and take advantage of the configuration and parameterization options of certain connectors:

   - Disk - Unique per file path however this can be parameterized. Recommend only ever having a single Disk connection for your entire account and parameterize everywhere.

   - FTP - Unique per FTP host and credentials. Remote directory path is configured separately in the operation component.

   - Database - Unique per logical database and credentials on a given database server. For example, if you have multiple logical databases on the same server, you will need separate connections. Similarly if you require different user names to access different schemas in the same logical database, you will need separate connections.

   - HTTP (e.g. REST) - Unique per base URL. Recommend configuring only the base URL (e.g. in the connection and pairing with different or dynamically-configured operations to connect to multiple resource paths.

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