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2873369 - Picklist Center - Behavior of Migrated Picklists in EC UIs (Job Info, Comp Info, etc.) - Employee Central


  • Your instance was recently to MDF Picklists (Picklist Center)
  • As part of this, effective dated picklists are introduced
  • When maintaining data, the effective dated records are properly considered on the MDF side
  • However, for EC HRIS elements like Job Info, Comp Info, Personal Info, the system is only acknowledging the most recent record in the picklist 

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central 

Reproducing the Issue

  1. 1. In Picklist Center, go to any picklist and insert a new record with a different effective date. In this case, a new record effective as of December 2 was added. A picklist value was set to inactive.


  1.  When you go to an employee's Job Info record, the picklist is appearing in format "Label (Obsoleted)". In this case, the December 20, 2016 record is already showing the picklist as obsoleted.


  1. In edit mode, the same picklist value is still appering even after the effective date in the picklist. In this scenario, picklist update was effective on December 2, 2019. In this December 13, 2019 record, the picklist is still appearing.


The expectation is that effective dated picklists are also honored in EC HRIS elements.


Effective-dated picklists are currently not supported in Job Info / Comp Info, etc.

The way picklists behave post-migration is different in MDF UIs and EC (Legacy UIs).

The reason why the effective dating concept is observed on the Position / MDF side is because these UIs call the MDF Picklist API in the backend, so the records in the picklist values are considered with respect to the effective date.

On the other hand, EC UIs like Job Info, Comp Info, Personal Info, etc., these sections still call the Legacy Picklist API which does not support the effective dating concept. So this is why the deactivated picklist values are still appearing.

So even after migration of picklist data to MDF -for all callers of legacy picklist (legacy Picklist DAO or API's) - we will always return the latest or current effective dated record from MDF picklist to maintain backward compatibility.

Regarding the clarification on behavior, basically, the behavior in EC HRIS elements for Legacy Picklists will remain the same for now. The effective dated records on the MDF picklists are currently not taken into account, meaning, in the EC HRIS elements side, the system will always refer to the active ones in the latest record.

Now say for example you previously had Picklist Y in the records of the employees as of December 2018, the data will remain on the record and the picklist value will show the (Obsoleted) label.

Regardless if you make a change on December 2018 or after, if in the most recent record of the picklist it is already marked as inactive, then the Obsoleted picklist value will always be displayed in the UI to ensure that your historical data is preserved (this is for employees whose records are associated to the picklists already).

On the other hand, for new employees with fresh data set, only the active ones from the latest picklist record will be displayed, meaning the obsoleted values will not be shown and the end user will only be able to select the active ones from the list.


This is a known missing functionality on the Employee Central Legacy UIs that is still being analyzed by our EC Architecture team (we already have an enhancement ticket ongoing). As of the moment, we do not yet have a clear timeline as to when this behavior will be redesigned the same way as in MDF UIs.

Please follow this KBA for further updates once more details are obtained from Engineering.


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