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PLEASE NOTE: All information in this KBA has been moved to the SAP Help Guide at Implementing and Managing Performance Management - Email Notifications. This KBA is planned for archival on April 30, 2024.


This article explains the functionality of the Document Routing Notification.

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How the Document Routing Notification works:

  • When is it sent: The Document Routing Notification will be sent to users when a form is routed to their Inbox.
  • Recipients: The current route map step owners (all users who receive the form in their Inbox)
  • Customization: To edit the Document Routing Notification, go to Admin Center > Email Notification Template Settings > Select "Document Routing Notification" from the list of templates. For more details please see Implementing and Managing Performance Management - Email Notifications.

Additional Considerations:

  • If the form sender and form recipient are the same person, the e-mail notification will not be triggered. (e.g. Employee is part of Step 1 and Step 2, and the Employee sends the form from Step 1 to Step 2, the employee will not receive the notification)
  • When an Admin needs to manually route forms via Route Forms tool, they can disable the notification using "Do not send document routing notification" under Notification Options in the Route Forms tool.
  • If a route map step has "Enforce start date" enabled, the document routing notification will be sent on the start date.

 Email Notification Template Settings:

Here you can customize the Email subject, body, priority, and send options. It is possible to create a different Email template for each form.

template settings.png

Customize Settings for Form Templates

  • Customize Settings for Form Templates allows different settings to be set for each form template, the options include;
    • Enable the document routing notification for only specific form templates.
    • Consolidate Email notifications for specific form templates and set the consolidation interval
    • Add additional notification Recipients for form template.
      • Additional recipients will receive the notification even if the form is not routed to their inbox
      • If the form is routed to the inbox of the additional recipient, they will receive multiple notifications. 

customize settings email.png

Supported Tokens:

  • In addition to the common tokens, the following tokens are supported.
    • [[DOC_ID]]: Form's ID
    • [[DOC_ACCESS_DECLINE]]: Decline to access this form
    • [[DOC_ACCESS_ACCEPT]]: Accept to access this form
    • [[EXTERNAL]]: Check whether participant is internal or external
    • [[DOC_ACCESS_URL]]: Enter the form through this URL
    • [[DOC_ACTION]]: The action that this e-mail's recipient needs to do

Common Tokens for e-mail Notification

[[SIGNATURE]] Signature
[[DOC_TITLE]] Title of document
[[SENDER]] Sender of document
[[DOC_DUE_DATE]] Due date of this document
[[REVIEW_END_ON]] End date of this review
[[IS_WAS_DUE_ON]] Due date of this document

Due date of this document - The example of date format is November 20, 2018

[[REVIEW_END_ON]] End date of this review

Comment from sender to be included in the e-mail. In e-mail notifications such as Document Routing Notification and 360 Document Reject Notification, this token is configured by default.

  • If [[DOC_COMMENT]] is removed from the e-mail body in E-Mail Notification Templates Settings, users cannot see the Email Notification Comments box when sending the form to next step.
  • If [[DOC_COMMENT]] is configured in the e-mail body, but the user who routes the form to the next step and the next step's form recipient are the same person, then the user cannot see the Email Notification Comments box when routing the form.
  • System-generated comments that are pulled from the form into the e-mail text using [[DOC_COMMENT]] cannot be translated.
[[NO_OF_DAYS]] The number of days between the current date and due date
[[EMP_NAME]] Subject's full name
[[EMP_USER_ID]] Subject's ID
[[EMP_PASSWORD]] Subject's password
[[RECIPIENT_USERNAME]] Recipient's username of this document
[[RECIPIENT_NAME]] Recipient's full name of this document
[[COMPANY_NAME]] Company name
[[DOC_COMPLETION_DATE]] Date of document completion
[[DOC_LASTMODIFIED_DATE]] Last modified date of the document


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