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2878257 - Rewards & Recognition - How to have custom budget holders outside of first manager hierarchy


Rewards & Recognition uses standard manager hierarchy for budget distribution as a standard.

Should a nominee's manager have no budget then the system will go up the hierarchy until a manager budget is found.

How can Rewards & Recognition be customized to use a separate hierarchy or custom budget holders?

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This can be achieved by defining a custom manager within Employee Central.

Below is how this can be done outside of the standard manager hierarchy using a business rule.

Please note there needs to be a dynamic workflow associated to the spotAward object. More infromation on this can be found here: 2478272 - Rewards & Recognition - Workflows

The example hierarchy for this example is:

  • Nominator: Admin (anyone with RBP to nominate users)
  • Nominee: Employee A
  • Direct Manager: Manager A
  • Matrix Manager: Manager B

First, the nominee will need to have a custom manager assigned which is where we want the awards to be deducted from.

Below we've defined Manager B to be a matrix manager of the nominee under Employee Information> Job Relationships:

rnr custom budget holder.png

Next go to the Rewards program and give Manager B a budget.

This is done via Admin Center> Compensation> Rewards & Recognition> Manage Programs> Select Program> Budget:

rnr budget import.png

Above we have defined a budget for the custom manager and direct manager.

Now we need to create a business rule to check if the matrix manager is the budget holder of the employee being nominated.

Go to Admin Center> Company Settings> Configure Business Rules> Select Create new rule.

Using a Basic rule define the following naming the rule whatever you require.

rnr business rule.png

For the conditions, we want to check if the nominees budget holder is equal to the custom manager within Job Relationships or not.

As we are using Matrix Manager in this example the conditions we have defined are:

rnr custom budget holder rule.png


Once this is saved the rule will need to be added onto the SpotAward object so it can be triggered during award submission.

Go to Configure Object Definitions and search for the SpotAward object.

spotaward object definition.png

Select Take Action> Make correction and go to the Rules section. Here select the newly created rule to the "Save Rules" section.

spotaward object ec rule.png

Now when an award is submitted the budget holder will come from the budget of the manager defined in Job Relationships. In this example it's coming from Manager B and not Manager A.


The direct manager in this scenario DOES need to have a budget assigned (0 etc) which is then changed through this business rule when the awards are being submitted.

If they not have a budget, then someone higher in the hierarchy (This is driven by the budget hierarchy either being based on Nominee or Nominator from the program) needs to have a budget.

Otherwise, you system will throw a message of no budget holder available.

Additionally, if you have a workflow assigned with one step where the nominator is the user on the one and only workflow step, then the award will not trigger a workflow as it will automatically approved following submission.

Therefore, the business rule will not be triggered since there is only the one step which is fulfilled by the nominator being the user on the workflow.

This is not supported for mass upload of award as well, the workflow is not triggered because it goes to auto approval

Warning if no custom manager

Should you wish to prevent a nomination from being processed should there be NO custom manager, then please setup the above rule with the following ELSE condition.

rnr no custom manager budget.png

Here you are telling the system to raise this message should there be no Matrix Manager in Job Relationships.

This message can be created from Manage Data under Message Definition.

rnr raise message warning.png

In this scenario you will see the following while Submitting an award along with the message you've defined in Manage Data.

rnr custom message.png

Therefore, the award will NOT be submitted for approve.


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