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Here are some of the FAQ regarding the Integrated External learner feature.


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The Integrated External User feature was introduced to enable creation of an external user in SAP SuccessFactors Platform (BizX) when a user self-registers on a Learning site. These integrated external users can optionally be created as an external user in Jam and have access to mobile as well. Additionally, theming is applied to the integrated external user experience.

New implementations of the integrated external user feature will not be supported after 2H 2020 and should no longer be pursued by SAP SuccessFactors Learning customers and partners.

Customers that are already using the integrated external learner solution can continue to use the solution.

Customers that want to start offering Learning to users that are not employees have two alternatives in place of the integrated external user feature:

  1. SAP SucessFactors Learning customers can create these users as internal users in SAP SuccessFactors Platform and use Platform authentication. This is recommended for users with a worker relationship, such as contingent workers. As internal users in SAP SuccessFactors Platform, mobile, theming and Jam integration is available.
  2. SAP SucessFactors Learning customers can create these users as Learning only users in Learning and not in SAP SuccessFactors Platform. This is recommended for non-workers such as customers, distributors or partners. The Learning only solution for external users does not currently support mobile, theming or Jam integration. Note that authentication for Learning only external users is currently native to Learning, but will be migrating to SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service.

The replacement solution for a worker population is available using the first alternative above.

For non-workers the replacement solution is not yet available as of 2H 2020, but will build on the second above alternative. Once a replacement solution is available, End of Maintenance and Replacement Date information for integrated external user feature will be made available.

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-------------------------------------------------INTEGRATED EXTERNALS FAQ-------------------------------------------------------

Where can I find a road map for integrated external learners planned enhancements?
There are no enhancements planned for integrated externals.

What mobile features are available for integrated externals learners?
From a learning perspective, there are no differences in terms of capabilities available on mobile between the different types of users.

Is there a way to use only the External Learner API and not use sites?
You can create and update External Learners via API, please see this section of the Help documentation.

Do we need to manage passwords through Platform, or can we still manage it through Learning Administration?  Will this apply to Site users as well as External Learners like contractors not using sites?
Password policies for any users existing in Platform is managed there.

What is the impact on licenses?
An internal user or an external user could both be a Functional User license type. Similarly, an external user could be an Active User license type.
If a customer has external users that are Functional User license type, they can bulk update using the import tool.
While you do not need a module license to use the integrated external user functionality, you will need to ensure that the users in Platform/EC are properly set to count towards your active/functional user license count.
See the References section for related KBA on this topic.

What URL will be used to access integrated learning site and will users have access to other modules of Platform?
Eventhough external learners may be configured in Platform, access to their site is done via the regular Learning site URL ( and they would only be granted access to Learning.

Can integrated external learners be granted Learning Administration access?
No, the integrated external learners have limited access in Bizx to Learning, Jam, Theming.

What happens when an external learner self-registers on a site?
The account is automatically created both in Learning and Platform.

What happens when an external learner is manually created in LMS by an admin?
Manually created integrated external learners do NOT auto sync to Platform, nor do historical site users. They must be imported via Integration Center

What happens when an external learner is created by the User Connector?
These users do not auto sync to Platform and must be imported each time via Integration Center.

How to ensure that user records manually created in Learning by an admin have an external shopping account?
The shopping account must be changed to external on the user record once it has been created navigating to the user record> Finance > Set the Shopping Account Type to External.

What happens for external learners created in Platform?
For all Learning users that are created in Platform, the PERSON_GUID must be pushed back to Learning every time. This can be setup as a recurring job from Integration Center to the Person ID Connector.

Is SSO supported for integrated external learners?
Integrated external users can have SSO has a login method ONLY if they are created through API.
if you already have SSO enabled for internal employees and you will allow integrated external learners to self-register - these users will be identified as login method "PWD" by default. In that scenario you NEED to enable partial SSO otherwise your external learners will be redirected to the SSO login page.

Is approval or registration code supported with the integrated external learners?
Registration codes are currently supported and available.
Approval process is currently not supported (for registrations or trainings).

Can we purge Integrated external learners?
Partial purge is available using DRTM learning - this is for employee record change history and learning history records.
Full purge using DRTM Master data purge is not available, but you can use the DRM Purge (see KBA 2922739 in the References section).

Can we migrate LMS to IAS with the integrated external learner feature enabled?
This is planned to be available in a future release (targeted for end 2021 subject to roadmap policy).

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